Как выбрать психолога?

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In fact, you should rely on some basic principles, but they all lead to the fact that you just have to monitor your emotions.

At the time of a personal meeting or when watching videos, at the time of the training or other things, what psychologist You exactly does not fit?

If it causes irritation. To irritate can the voice of a psychologist, expression, or phrase, those examples that do not apply. This is Your therapy and You decide.

If the psychologist is crushing on You. I personally distinguish between concepts such as knowledge of the course of motion (professional perseverance in the right questions) and the pressure on the person in the place where it is not necessary. Feel You "peredelyvayut", forced to do something against their will - leave. I don't think therapy is always easy and pleasant. But people must first trust the professionals and then consciously make the changes that they propose to make in your life.

If he competes with You. Maybe in some phrases the psychologist to share what was in his own life, but it is a very subtle point: it is possible, not bending the stick, to make it clear that "Yes, something I myself have experienced." And you can call a person a sense of inferiority because "the psychologist has everything and I nothing." The whole Internet is full of slogans like "the shoemaker in boots". Yes, maybe, kind of cool, but I would advise to look for where there is no boasting. The psychologist, as a cobbler, is not required to be in boots, his task is to bring You to the result.

If it looks disgusting. You may not like the looks of the psychologist (apparently) or his image does not correspond to Your idea of how you should look specialist.What do You prefer: silicone, Botox, bikini or lack thereof, take your pick, as long as this person is credible.

If the psychologist condemns their clients in their articles, talks, notes, and in person criticizes You for what You did wrong. The professional provides support and enhances Your faith in yourself. Amateur psychologist's feeding off Your energy and criticize.

Now let's look at the selection. How to choose among the many?

Reviews. Want quality research, communicate with real people. Very cool, if a psychologist is there a site with reviews, or You told someone about how successfully passed personal therapy. Get ready to pay. Psychologist, not a magician, his work requires a certain time.

watch videos, attend master classes and trainings allows us to understand Your it or not, whether You are with him to share what's on your mind, is it comfortable to You.

Well, finally. A sense of security. A professional psychologist gently leads You to the result. Your choice You can select a specialist, who chooses a more rigid strategy, but here lies the danger. Therefore, I am for a humane approach without provocation and insults.

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