Как выбрать психолога

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In an attempt to help with this issue decided to proceed from their own experience. I propose first to define what we're looking for.

of course, therapy is supposed to work, so we need a real professional. On the other hand, psychotherapy based on building a therapeutic relationship between the psychologist and the client. The more trust the client has, the higher his motivation to work, the better the process and, in the end, the faster it reaches the desired result. Therefore, we need a professional who will be easier to trust.

in summary, we need a man who at the same time - a true master of his craft.

so how, in my opinion, to find a professional in our business.

  1. Look at education. Psychological counselling in our country can engage psychologists who have received additional education in the specialty of doctors-therapists, completed advanced training in psychological counseling. If the goal is to find professional help, not adventure with an unexpected ending, it is better to turn to certified specialists, past practice or internship under the strict supervision of experienced colleagues.
  2. Look at the additional education. What can a specialist? What method prefer to work? Here quite a lot to learn. For example, does the psychologist to work with adolescents, if it needs such help. You can read about the method in which working professionals, to make it clearer, and why. However, much to burrow in theory, I would not recommend it, because as in any method, there are no two identical psychologists. And here's why: each of us could experience something like received knowledge, puts strict compliance with the values and if I want to help in this way? Getting life experience while staying customer history with them, we discover a new theory. In General, all very individually.
  3. what else? If you know that a psychologist goes to supervision, regularly trained, contact with colleagues, it is a plus in karma and more of a reason to earn your trust!

Now, suppose we want to know what kind of a person the same specialist. Because when it comes to trust, subconsciously we are always looking for someone close. I, for example, clients said that they chose me as a "close in age" based on the lyrics I'm writing, creative direction of my interests.

  1. Social network. Many experts now have open accounts in the social. networks, where they tell about their everyday life, share thoughts and ideas. The same Instagram becomes a selling platform, and a mirror in the privacy of a person (with many filters, of course). It is clear that poor information from the social. networking is difficult to judge the inner world of man. However, to understand what interests the psychologist that he is concerned about, in my opinion.
  2. go to the master class, public lecture, etc. If the specialist holds such kind of educational events, there is a chance to see it in action and, at the same time, socialize. Feel free to ask questions - this is a great opportunity to meet! You can still use the various free services offered by some experts - demo-advice on б17, tests, rubric "ask question to psychologist" (I have no colleagues on their personal sites), free initial consultation, finally. Also, on the advice of colleagues, I recommend to contact us if any terms are not understandable, if it is not clear how the specialist and other. To call, write in the same networks.
  3. Use the advice of a friend. Word of mouth is sacred in our culture. Of course, going on the recommendation of a person you know well, nicer. And the chance to trust the expert in this case anymore. Don't be offended if you recommend “wrong,” because what like the other does not should certainly please you, and that's fine. The human universe is rich in tastes and opinions, and that's fine.

It all. Such a check-list happened to me on the basis of their own experience. The only thing I would wish for - do not despair if you failed to find your specialist after the first two meetings. Then, they are the first to meet and decide. I will be glad to additions in the comments :)

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