Как выбрать психолога?

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a warm evening! Today, the day of the psychologist, which is already almost gone (and I congratulate all my colleagues), I wanted to write a small article about what, in my opinion, should be guided, choosing a specialist of our profession.

Well, actually, I'd like to begin with the voice of the heart... Not so long ago in some of his publications, I mentioned that to the psychologists and psychotherapists people tend to go with something very difficult and often painful. And in order to be able to trust and trust specialist, to organise effective working relationship and together open the way to his present - in my opinion, not only the expert's qualifications and his professional qualities. Oh we will talk later but for now - the voice of the heart. I think that successful psychological work inside the future of the client/patient should have some inner feeling of "This is MY psychologist/MY therapist". It is difficult to explain in words, but almost everyone says that when you meet really "your" expert, inside there is such a feeling, a response - and somehow it becomes possible to recognize. Many it is already at the moment of "virtual Dating" - when reading profiles professional on a professional website, view his publications in social networks, etc. Others are able to experience something like that only at first meeting... so, if the choice of the heart is done, and You feel instinctively that this psychologist could entrust his secret - it would be nice at this stage to clarify some more details, so that the mind could also be satisfied with the accepted solution.

so, if the voice of the heart is difficult to explain and not too logical, the criteria for selection of qualified professionals at the level of mind is pretty simple and easy structured. What factors should I consider for the final decision:
1. Basic education specialist. Medical or psychological. And it is highly desirable that basic education was the basic highest. And not just the annual rates of profilephotos on the basis of other higher completely different direction.
2. Continuing the theme of profilephoto)) Regular training. Psychologist - this is not a profession where you can learn one time and life to use the acquired knowledge and skills. In order to be of high quality specialist and effectively to help people specialist required continuous professional development as personal, however. Good training courses usually combine both.
3. Personal therapy. No wonder almost every serious training program therapists or learning in itself contains as a critical prerequisite for obtaining a certificate a minimum number of hours passed personal therapy. As a rule, not less than one hundred. Only with a sufficient level of self-elaboration, the specialist will be able to really get down with the client in his sea of pain, and then help Tom to find the way back. And not just "comb the bushes" making a picture of the client situation more presentable and decent looking somewhere on the surface.
4. Supervision. In order to continue professional development, therapists need good communication to discuss challenging client cases, receiving feedback to colleagues on their actions, etc. According to the ethical principles of the work of the psychotherapist, it is no one and never allowed to discuss client cases (confidentiality principle) - in addition to their own supervisor. Therefore, in countries where the psychologist is licensed and more strictly controlled, regular supervision of practice is a prerequisite for obtaining a license and maintaining it. For anyone (and psychologists are people too 😊) is much stronger when not acting alone, and the ability for someone to lean on.
5. Specialization and approach to work. Before going to the selected specialist would be good to examine in his profile (and if not there - ask in person) if Your request is within the scope of professional competence of the therapist. Regarding fear of childbirth it is better to go to a psychologist perinatal; difficulties in the pair that I would like to discuss the two - family, and so on. Also a good idea to check the information about the approach, in line with which runs a specialist (and then, if You do not understand, about what these strange words - at least this approach to Google, at least). For example, to keep the classic psychoanalysis, involving from 5 to 10 years of work with the client in a row is pretty stupid to those who do not wish to go into depth and just wants to get the tools to change their own behavior. As, on the contrary, for example, the same clear, structured and limited to no more than 10 meetings cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy unlikely to be useful to those who would like to work on a deep level with the issues of the inability to build intimacy, attachment disorders, etc. the Study (at least the surface) that represents the main approach of the expert to work will not only help to determine the suitability of the psychologist, but also a little insight of what awaits you in the course of the collaboration.
6. Professional experience, reviews, etc. all Here, I think it is clear, therefore no comments.

In my example, you know how important it is to find "your" therapist/psychologist, and how much it helps and enriches life in the presence of such. And while our culture is still not strongly developed taking care of their own emotional health (and timely health care in General, to be honest) - but I am very glad that in recent years have been significant developments. Fewer and fewer people believe that psychologists attend exclusively to the crazies, and any training - "it's some kind of cult". And so today, I hope that this path continues. To all the people cared more about himself and his health has given us the precious resource that is so easily wasted and so not easy to return. That are not considered shameful or unnecessary to divide the complexity of emotional health with competent professionals and using the latest learned to overcome them. And on the way people came across such - educated professionals, true professionals, sincerely dedicated, and bearing in your heart the love of the people.

Let it be so)
Good night and sweet dreams, dear!.. And an amazing Friday tomorrow)))

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