Как выбрать психолога?

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"Psychotherapy is not replacement, and General rehearsal"

Irvin Yalom

There are many recommendations on how to choose a psychologist or psychotherapist. One that focuses on education and experience, and who is the reviews and the advice of friends. Important when choosing a psychologist has its theoretical direction. And the customer reads the many articles and books on psychoanalysis or CBT for example before the start of psychotherapy. You can simply select photos or family status and is not a bad option.

From my point of view, regardless of all this, you need to take into account phenomena such as transfer and resistance. It would seem that a therapy is not began, and the transference and resistance. So.

I Hope my thoughts and techniques listed in the article will help determine the choice.


One of the most important discoveries of Sigmund Freud have an effect. In the process of therapy the client transfers an image of a significant parent figure in psychology. Not immediately, but over time he begins to experience the same feelings that you experienced as a child with mom or dad tries to satisfy the needs and desires of the time.

This phenomenon is important to consider when choosing a psychologist and format of psychotherapy. Why?

  1. Transfer is not formed quickly. If you feel that your problems come from childhood or from current relationships with their parents tune in to long-term psychotherapy.
  2. Choose a specialist man or woman depending on the sex of the parent with whom you more problems.
  3. you can also focus on problems in communication with men or women and go to a psychologist that sex which is the most difficult.

the task of the psychologist or psychotherapist to notice, understand and neutralize the reactions of the transfer. Thus, to return to the client in the "here and now" and to teach it to track your transfer in everyday life.

Yes, we often transfer their current problems of childhood and is the Top causes of all visits to psychologists.

How to see transference reactions in your life? Emotions, desires, or even a thought+an emotion that occurs in this situation is always stronger than the stimulus and is often contrary to logic. For example, You are not lost to the grandmother in transport and experienced a strong feeling of guilt, harmless remark of a loved one brings You into a rage or common " can't say no." These neurotic reactions very much prevent to live, a reason to go to a psychologist.


the Most obvious experiencing, the person undergoing therapy or just thinking about beginning, this is a resistance. The resistance paradox. Client wants to rebuild their lives, psychologist pay money, spend time, but part of it sabotages and resists change.

the Problem is that the resistance that pop up in the process of psychotherapy, there are in our everyday life. Part of us resists to live and life becomes a struggle, work, pain. The psychotherapeutic relationship is a good place to work with your resistance.

the Psychologist usually draws attention to resistance client and it is not logical. Together they are working on it and win. That is, if resist person will not remain tete-a-tete with their feelings and come to the psychologist.

So often resistance starts to slow down the person at the stage of choosing a psychologist. Confusing advice to seek specialist intuitively, the "heart". It is at this stage is intuition listen to your resistance and tighten with the selection.

How to reduce the resistance before working with a psychologist and start to change your life? Offer to try the Sedona method and get rid of the resistance. Exercises taken from the book "Sedona Method", Dvoskin.

Exercise for physical research of the resistance.

Fold your hands together in the prayer position, pressing your palms toward each other. Arbitrarily select which hand will put pressure, and what to resist. The hand that You have chosen apply pressure, gently push the second hand, which resists the push, and hold hands in this position.

At the same time allow yourself to feel what it is like and how resistance is encountered.

Now let go of the resistance to the pressing, not trying to control the hands and without producing them no movement. Just let your hands do what they do.

Repeat these steps several times, changing the resisting and pressing hands and noting what emotions arise for You in the process of liberation.

the Release of the resistance.

Step 1: Let yourself make the resistance right now.

Step 2: Ask yourself:

Could(La) would I let go of resistance?

Allow yourself to experience this moment of resistance?

Could(La) would I make the resistance?

And then:

would I Do it? When?


Step 3: Repeat the previous two steps as many times as needed until you feel free.

This exercise does not involve long-term thinking on these issues. Free from resistance at the level of emotions and body.

When your resistance will weaken and you will be able to choose your psychologist. Do not hesitate and do it. Difficult to do only the first step.

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