Как выйти из замкнутого круга?



Q: Constantly sliding on trying to earn the love, recognition and approval from men and other people. But realize, too late - you are betrayed, do not respect cast. A vicious circle. Understand that she can not cope. Although everyone loves to look wonderful. 've found a video about the complex good girl, to become lighter , but returned. Prompt, please, that was a lasting effect of how often to engage in the activity and how long after relief? THANK you so much for Your real help!!! Everything is very clear!

Answer: Good day. That would have a lasting effect - you have to enter analysis. That is to start individual counseling once a week for a long time. Meetings should be regular. Heal OTHER relationships. And work with a psychologist you get a new experience.

the Exercises you do on the video, help to reduce the intensity of feelings, but of course feelings can return - because they are connected more with the other senses. But the intensity of the experience of feelings is greatly reduced, even when the feeling is returned - you can sustain it, it is not so volatile, you feel different, you have more strength and therefore you can act and communicate in some other way. I say after exercise that they can raise other experiences. Can emerge from the history memory, up resentment, anger, etc. Occur, the insights and awareness. Open access to the deeper layers of trauma because you have the power to interact with her. And with feelings we need to continue to work.

All experience as a tangle of feelings, to unravel gradually. And sometimes the opposite feelings are so merged that it is necessary to divide them. For example, the merger of trust and fear, guilt and hate, love and pain. That is, you feel these conditions are always at the same time, as if individually they feel and it is impossible to live.

Videos can help to reduce the intensity of the emotions, release the energy which often can go to work the next layer of feelings. So videos are very helpful, but individually they will not replace.

also our psychic protection is stronger. Stronger than our consciousness. And so you feel a vicious circle. For your mental defenses the circle feels safe for you because with this behavior you once were able to survive. And it takes time to convince their protection – which would be better for you if you will act differently, to feel in new ways. This is another reason to work individually. TES helps softer to work with shields. And therefore, to heal their wounds in safe mode.

PS: I Will be really glad to help you.

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PS.s.: link to video http://www.b17.ru/media/16101/?prt=138954

Irina Potemkina
Analytical psychologist and practices TPP

Potemkin Irina
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