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the World rages....look at the forum, read the issues that concern people..and not just a concern, and the present tsunami rise inside them...and so I want to ask People ...why do you need it?...Stop...on the sides look....the world is so beautiful around...we all came here to love ... to know love in all its give fill it with the energies all around you... what are you wasting the only truly meaningful that you have in life NOW..? On disputes, clarify who is right, proving what nonsense, anger or aggression, self-pity....?

How much time do we have?... Each of us has NOW. I have NOW to answer two questions have you Found joy in your life? Your life brought joy to others? will be able to answer...and the answer is essentially...done....? What filled your Now?

he Remembered a parable

One father went to the sick man who was dying and in need of confession. After the priest comforted the family, he noticed a chest in the corner of the room.
— What is in that box? he asked.
— Clothes, which my uncle never wore, said his niece. — He always thought I need some special occasion to wear these things, they rot in the trunk. Remember the chest. In your heart there are treasures, use them right now. Otherwise they will rot.

what did you spend today? Gift yourself, your family, the world are you today? Instead of pity about the lost time, fill the day tomorrow, and every warmth of his heart.

And Yes, no sense reading my words, to start yourself to shame or reproach, or worse slabiciune to get involved, or guilty or ashamed to dive. It makes sense to make the decision to begin to LIVE, not to survive in prison forever tossing your mind... it makes sense to remember that we do not have none a letter of guarantee that we will Wake up tomorrow. Makes sense right now to warm your hearts those who are close or roads. It makes sense to go to sleep with gratitude for the day, be sure to find it at least a modicum of joy or moment of happiness. It makes sense to turn off your phone, laptop, TV and now go into the shower to wash off the hustle and bustle of today)) But if your day has already begun, the more time there is no sense wasting for nothing) Be happy starting right now!!))

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you" you say" press the button "thanks" ))

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