Every story we heard from someone or retold our own, has an impact on us. Man is a social being. Any of our meetings, even fleeting, has an effect on us, because we have experienced the emotion. And if you could "track" to realize that it was in a similar situation already tested us, and now!.. a feeling — the emotional process of subjective relation to the real or abstract objects. Of course, after the short and sporadic meetings, not all assimilyatsiya in our minds as something important. But what goes unnoticed is definitely.

In the line information, the assault of modern man, enough of this, which intentionally (the media and other manipulators) changes our thinking. On the basis of its (information) we are forming our world — view about the world. You can say that the information controls us. I already wrote about critical thinking, and the need for a positive mindset as vaccines against depression, for example. Now we are talking about tolerance, about a kind of "facecontrol" content around us. About how it is important to understand what information we let into our life, what stories we listen to, shield themselves from the stream of "heavy" information or immersed in the twists and turns of fate, but still not his.

"Bright minds" and "pure soul" - the metaphor, but to achieve a metaphorical status is possible in real life, sifting information and source of income.

note, what is the number of negative and positive information you have received in a week. The final news release on Sunday enough to have an idea about what is happening in the world. Rate, proportion, number and duration of messages on achievements and successes and impending dangers and troubles. Different daily talk shows advocating the insignificance and ignorance, though, apparently put up for a public reprimand unpleasant facts of life. The key here is that every day is negative. The regularity in this case plays not in our favor. It dulls critical thinking and develops the conformism.

in 1951. American psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a series of experiments, where among the 8 patients, 7 were those who deliberately give wrong answers and only 1 person is the real subject. We studied the propensity of people to conformity — acceptance of the opinions of the majority, although surveyed voiced that studied visual perception. This examined always answered last, i.e. , giving your answer he must have heard wrong answers the other participants. Subjects seen card with a picture of a standard (white slip) and a card where one of the three stripes coincided in length with the sample, and the other two are markedly different in length. Of the eighteen attempts, two "decoy" gave the correct answers to the true surveyed to make sure that that vision failed him. And in other attempts, seven gave incorrect answers. Of all participants 37% of the actual surveyed agreed with incorrect the majority opinion.

When it comes to the flow of negative information around us, "merge" and the surrounding media, a significant number of adults and developed people say they are not affected. But the example of advertising, confirms that if we don't go and buy a marketing tool now, then with high probability we will do that in a situation of stress, because we so many times have shown it is what is written in the subconscious.

to Protect yourself from destructive content and configure the filters of the critical perception will not be easy, if you remember ANY INFORMATION that AFFECTS the PERSON TO a CERTAIN EXTENT.

I Wish you to admit to yourself as much as possible of positive information and life will sparkle with other colors!
Tarakanova Anna
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