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Today was a strange and troubled times. Per person every day down tons of information, it actually chokes it. We always rushing somewhere, doing something, show some activity, part of not understanding "Why?" and "what For?".

time Passes, we grow older, our children are growing up. But many do not get the feeling that they achieve the results that will bring them satisfaction and joy. Why is this happening?

the First reason is that each of us is limited by the environment in which located. If you ask a 5 year old child "what do you want?" he will call a maximum of 3-5 professions. However, professions in the world a lot more. You can walk through the mountains and take panoramic pictures to Google, for example.

you Can travel, you can produce some exotic products. Professions – the sea! The fact that we are constantly programming our surroundings, and we is almost not aware of. Parents or friends we are told in childhood, "Go to a lawyer – they make a lot of money". And the child wanted to become a painter.

There is such a thing known in psychology as projection. In short, we judge other people on their own, as if suggesting, "what would I do how would I do this?".

But the fact that everyone is different and what works for one does not approach another. Thus, our environment is in most cases advises us of a profession on the basis of their world view.

the Second reason is that most of us live is called the "thumb" as the engine that every day I go on the same rails, not realizing and not realizing that there's "grass grows, birds fly, sun shines". Why is this happening? Because that's the way our brain.

the fact that our brain tries to conserve energy resources and tries to drive into certain patterns and stereotypes. That's how we live – in the power of our stereotypes and beliefs about the surrounding world.

Look around! We are always trying to find the answer to our questions outside. We choose not what would bring satisfaction nm, and the fact that we offer these wonderful marketers from different Companies and media.

unfortunately, in most cases, the school has no individual approach and we are all "brush" one size fits all. Remember the school. "All items must be excellent and behaviour good."

But for some reason it so happens that the Trinity further in life to achieve much better results than horoshist and honors. May be because they focus on developing their strengths rather than trying to develop everything?

to sum up, the main problem is that we don't understand what we really want and what will bring us the greatest satisfaction. Warned about this all famous classic – "you Need to live life in a way that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years".

does this problem solution? Yes! For a long time in practical psychology there are various methods which allow us to identify key competencies ( based on the East this is called "calling"), or in other words his life that will bring him satisfaction.

just Think, how many times could increase productivity if everyone were engaged in their favorite thing. And it's not only in performance but also in reducing the level of stress that a person experiences on do not favorite work.

Maybe this is the notorious the secret of happiness is to "Find your calling/purpose/my favourite thing in life and to do it, to improve it."

Let me tell You about a few exercises that allow them to work in this direction.

the First exercise.

Take a clean sheet, highlight 30-60 minutes, so You will not be distracted, switch off your mobile, Facebook, various instant messengers.

And now write 100 desires, i.e. 100 goals that You would like to achieve for Your life. Write with the one hand not too global goals ("I Want world peace"), but not too small ("I Want to shoes white, shoes want black color").

most Likely, You will have so that 30, 40 or 50 you wish You run out of options and You don't come to mind. From this very moment and will start the main work. Don't throw this lesson, think about it and after a while You will like the "burst" - will begin to pour in the desires of which You were unaware or have long forgotten.

ie. first goes the imposed desires, then You'll be closer closer to Your real desires. Write 100 desires, and if you want the best effect, write no less than 200 wishes.

Second exercise

the Initial conditions are the same. Now select one wish and write the answer on the following question – "Why do I need it? Why would I want to?". You will get a response. Then for this also the answer write the answer to the question "Why do I need it? Why I want it." And so repeat until, until You are able to find the answer to the question "Why do I need it? Why would I want to?".

I highly recommend to do this for the first 10 are most important to You desires. This is a very simple, yet effective exercises that will greatly enhance the level of Your consciousness and bring You closer to understanding Your real goals and desires.

these are two very simple exercises. More serious work on the key competences of the individual is possible through various trainings and courses.

Artyom Ciganov

personal effectiveness Coach

career development

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