Kinds of love.


Love, by definition, the American psychologist, Robert Sternberg, rests on a triangular theory of love. It offers an understanding of the theory of love in three parts: the passion, intimacy and commitment.

Withtrust is based on sexual attraction; blocation near consists of the provision and receipt of emotional support to each other, and other behavior that creates a warmth in relationship; commitment/solution consists of two parts: the decision that one loves the other, and knowing to what extent a person is willing to continue to love.

the Theme of love are a plethora of theories and views, the subject of numerous poems. From the variety, it is difficult to make a choice in understanding what love for each of us. I have my preferences, in understanding love. One of my favorite authors, in this direction, - Alexander Lowen and Giorgio Nardone.

Interesting ancient Greek classification of "styles" of love:

Eros, passionate physical attraction;
- Ludus, easy hedonistic game without certain obligations;
- storge, a tender friendship, faithful and reliable;
- Pragma, mutual care, controlled by the mind;
- mania, the obsession with suspicion and jealousy;
- Agape, selfless dedication, the dissolution in the object of love.

Love is the magic elixir, without which we all die. Love relationship more selective, more emotionally expressive and more constant, is considered (according to the observations of experts, James Hollis) what a loving relationship is more influenced by social norms and expectations.

Love relationships exhibit the following characteristics:
    - a sense of joy from the presence of another person;
    - mutual assistance;
    - respect;
    - sincerity;
    - acceptance of the other person as he is;
    - understanding;
    - sexual attraction.

I Draw Your attention to the work of Robert Sternberg.

I like the theory the simplicity and depth of understanding, while versatility. According to the theory, love is composed of three parts: the passion, intimacy and decision/commitment. Some call it three-component THEORY of LOVE.

Eight varieties of love

due to various combinations of the three components of

Sternberg, 1986

flavor of love

Passion (sexual attraction)

Intimacy (trust, closeness)

Decision/commitment (loyalty)


Not-love, the formality of relationships or the absence of love





Blind passion, blind love



white love



Romantic love




Senseless love, silly love.




a Friendly love, and friendly love




a Perfect love (real love)




three-component theory of love can be visualized in the form of 8 triangles:

Robert Sternberg developed (made up) test, which passed, you can test his theory (

Interesting observations You can make on the basis of the degree of overlapping triangles:

If the partners are well consistent with each other, their triangles are almost identical. In adverse relationship triangles did not fit together.

you Can pass the test according to their expectations (desires) and according to the reality in where you are. By combining two triangle - expectations and reality, You will have plenty of food for thought.

According to Sternberg, satisfaction with romantic relationships is determined by the correspondence between the actual triangles of the two partners and the correspondence between the actual triangle of each partner and his or her the perfect triangle.

I would have considered the length of the sides of the triangle. It turns out that the ideal three sides of the triangle are equal (in the averaged data, and not closer to zero). After passing the test, quite easy to see the degree of development of the parties (where many where not enough where it is important to note).

Triad Sternberg may change quite naturally, as a result of the development of the individual and his relationship to the partner. In what direction will the development of relations is not known. We can only note that love is not only the spark that "ignited in the hearts of two people" and big, voluminous work of two people, aim to transform the sparks of magic in a good quality fire. Giorgio Nardone offers compliance with all three rules, for the development of favorable relations

1. to care for each other throughout life, try to stay desirable for each other;

2. to be partakers (in everything!);

3. exclusivity and uniqueness (relationship apply only to the two of You and no one else).

Sincerely wish You to enjoy "perfect love"!!!

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