At the post office we fill in the blank with a handle attached on a string. We think that the handle does not protect from us. This measure is directed against someone else. And one day, returning from another public place, find out what brought someone else's fountain pen. We did it mechanically. We didn't want to do that. But trips when we stayed in hotels, too, brought a lot of small things: napkins, Shoe Polish, soap, hangers. And these things we stole quite deliberately. Then soap and cream are in the drawer with other such trophies. We do not use them. We don't need them. But throw them a pity. Next trip we again bring shampoo and a test cream. The trip was a success. She may not meet our expectations. Let the goal pursued by the trip, not quite achieved, but a change of scenery, the novelty of the impressions clearly went in our favor. We are talking about a business trip. Stay in another country sometimes becomes an event. We are preparing for it the whole year. And now, everything ends. To leave do not want and need. And along with impressions of the trip, the memory of nights spent in the room or as a compensation for the failed trip, we take with them all the little things that bind us to the hotel. After we with a suitcase, close the door behind him, kind of the story of our life ends. We have tried to extend it symbolically as I could. And the house, examining things, we discover that the memories of the time spent we have fit easily in the hand with a tube of shampoo. You can consider these things a kind of magnet on the fridge.

Our country knew times of shortage. Quite recently by historical standards, a subject in bright packaging seemed to many a desirable prize. If the person was not in need for him, he could give it to exchange. And now, when you realize that the Shoe from the hotel, you absolutely do not need, something inside convinces you to take it just in case. It might come in handy. Recently, it was the value. And values is very difficult to leave, and beliefs.

the Situation with the missing spoons have been described in anecdotes. This does not prevent many, while in the cafe, slowly lower the spoon in the bag. Sometimes instead of a spoon someone manages to grab a salt shaker. Some believe that as a souvenir is fine ashtray. Such actions are not always resonate with kleptomania. If the kleptomaniac is unable to resist the desire to take someone else's thing, the heroes of our conversation, completely out of control. Kleptomaniac is experiencing psychological pressure, which is unable to resist. And people, we are talking about, understand what they are doing. They do not experience psychological discomfort. On the contrary, consider the act an ordinary prank. This is a unique way to break the rules, to expand the boundaries of freedom. Sometimes this is a minor revenge. The man thought him insufficiently attentive, and he decides in such a way to compensate for their dissatisfaction.

Sometimes man thinks, once paid for accommodation in a room, you should pick up all the little things, because they belong to him by right. It happens that the guest is a catch some things, such as a robe or towel. It is not always greed. Perhaps the person in front of the eyes of a specific example. He once saw the parents took something not belonging to them. It could be apples from a nearby neglected garden. Parents could leave yourself forgotten someone's umbrella. Combining several such cases in the logic circuit, the child may think that it's a pattern of behavior. Time. adult, you and he do also.

Pen in a jar on the table in order for the client to fill out a form. This pen does not belong to the client. Some people believe if the subject was put down for them, it is already technically belongs to them. A similar story can happen in a hotel. The guest felt that the Bathrobe provided in order to use it. So, Slippers to take home with them and continue to use it. He met internal resistance. On the contrary, one is convinced that it has the right to take the robe, pen.

Sometimes people carry fines from government offices, in this way compensates for the loss on the principle that he took, and he'd take it. It is kind of ridiculous attempts to align scales, adding to the empty bowl random loot from cafes, offices. Losses can be different: divorce, dismissal, failed exam, failed. People understand that stolen the erasers and candy he doesn't bring a partner, but at some time the victim becomes easier. He performs a sort of ritual to return the lost. Equating a failed exam to a handful of candy taken at the presentation, one devalues unpleasant event. Or punish offenders. Especially the last is often the driving motivation of the children. Peers gave the child enough attention, ridiculed, not accepted in the game. And now, a bruised heart requires satisfaction, but directly to speak out against the oppressors of the little people is not solved. First, they can be stronger and then the emotional loss will be even greater. Secondly, he does not want to quarrel with offenders, on the contrary, intends to continue the dialogue, but a sense of offended dignity did not allow him to do it. Here comes the idea: to humiliate; to equalize the situation, even in this way. And arrogant abusers disappear badges, glass beads.

the Girl comes in the shop of cosmetics and perfumery. She takes a bottle from the shop window, the other; splashes of liquid on hand. In a minute in a thick fragrant cloud, it becomes difficult to breathe. But the girl does not stop continues to take with showcases testers. She gets to stand with lipstick, color probe lips. The store rules allowed to know the fragrance before making a purchase. But the girl is not going to buy anything. She is abusing the rules of the store and free use of cosmetics and perfumes. After the lipstick she took from the stand mascara. Keeps the visitor confidently, even defiantly. With such a mood she goes to the office, on a date. How long she'll last in this condition? The shop girl produced a sense of confidence. She knows that violates rules of ethics. On the other hand, she was confident that the censure for this act will not follow. She has a sense of superiority. She carries it with personnel on other people. Such recharge is not long enough. She'll be back soon to the store. Not to become familiar, she will visit similar shops in different parts of the city.

How to deal with such phenomena? If people paid attention to the fact that he constantly sets small items, and am concerned this course of things, the Outlook is positive. Realizing the problem, you can begin to solve it. Stop trying to justify your behavior. Then your action will be without protection. You will appreciate the fact of action, rather than weak objections that have caused anyone much damage that these items can take anyone that they are specially for this and put.

the Kidnappers robes and towels often catch up to the managers and ask to return things. The situation is extremely unpleasant. Can recognize familiar. Is it worth risking a reputation? The psychological damage will be impressive. In addition to the reasons that forced you to this deed, you will feel a sense of humiliation, of fear, of shame. If you really liked the robe, try to buy it legally.

Turn on rationalism. You already have at home a whole box of soap brought from trips. Do you use them? Next to this soap are different trophies: shampoo, lotion, wipes. They are not useful. Why do you need things that you don't use? The store offers candy that you don't like. Why bring them? You have enough pens. A cheap pen from the post office you will likely throw away. Why bring her home? Many of the activities will seem meaningless. It is sobering.

You have used the proposed recommendations. You do not condone their actions, do not want to risk their reputation, I see no reason in your actions and continue, leaving the hotel room to pack in a suitcase bottles of mineral water and Slippers. Then you should think about your motives. Deciding the compensation issue, you will get rid of the effects.

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