Know thyself. Who am I? What do I love?


Who am I? What do I love? What I like and what not?

do you Often ask yourself these questions?

it happens In life that not everyone can give answers to these questions, someone finds the answers over time.  yourself it is important to know passivated all,  to live your life, not someone else, and not to be disappointed about the wasted years. Knowing yourself is easier to build relationships with other people. I offer you a small familiarity with them by answering some questions:

What gives me pleasure on a physical level? ( what food, sports, clothes, active/passive recreation, as I need time for a good sleep)

- What kind of activities I like best to do? What brings me pleasure? If I was, what I would do? How can I be useful to people? What activities I feel the most confidence, and what I need to learn? What successes I have already have today?

- connect with what gives me pleasure and what not? What is important to me in communication? How do I show people I love them? As I understand it, what love me? Much bothering you, what can you say other? Whether you like socializing or prefer less human contact? Do you like your relationship with your family, partner?

- how Often do you come up with ideas? Do you tend to cling to the past, to think about the future, or live in the present? What is your dream? Did you mean faith? Listen, whether you to your intuition?  

the Questions were based on balanced model Nossrat Pezeshkian - author of the method of Positive psychotherapy. 

 sincerely Answering these questions, you will get more understanding about myself. Answer preferably in writing. Here a small part of the questions that will help you get to know yourself better. Self-knowledge – it is always interesting. It develops the personality.  Ask yourself  useful. Perhaps some questions will cause difficulty, and some could clarify something.  Knowing yourself, you will know the world.  On the path of self-discovery it is possible to contact the experts who will help You. I will be glad to help You in the way of your development.

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