Кому не подходят мои услуги?

last week in my instagram was negative feedback that the possibility of free meetings with me did not apply to everyone.

look at It. I occasionally write, why and how it works. But, apparently, it's time again to paint this in detail and concretely in one place.

I have no longer work with everything. I like certain things I invite interested potential customers.

You me if:
  • You want to become more confident and get rid of their fears.
  • You want to learn to build a harmonious and warm relations with other people.
  • you Have difficulties in the sexual sphere, and you need expert advice.
Confidence, self-esteem, sex and relationships - welcome me!

Who is not fit for my service?

  1. Those who come with another theme not addressed above.
  2. Those who are not willing to change and/or doesn't want it.
  3. Those who are not willing to do everything possible and impossible in order to change yourself and your life.
  4. Those who subconsciously believes that he will cope.
  5. Those who are not related to the work of a coach and psychologist, as something important to human life.
  6. Those who are not willing to change any and all tangible and intangible resources for the value of their qualitative changes.
  7. Those who want to simply listen to and regretted.

While all. I think the list will be supplemented as soon as I clearly understand the portrait and the image of their best client.

In General, I can come to any broken life and ourselves not confident, but is reluctant and ready to change everything in the opposite direction.

I man of Action. I'm constantly doing something and something evolving. Why I'm interested to help the same people-action. To help them quickly out of the personal limitations and blocks. Help them become great in their field. And happy at 100.

If you thought lights that their dream is possible and necessary to implement, but you do not have enough skills and energy to do this, you do to me.

If you in Peter - I'll meet you and buy you a coffee. If you are somewhere else - happily talk to you all about 1.5 hour.

And I'm serious.

For today. feedback in the comments.
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