"Viennalove" tortured. Life turned into a sequence of questions and answers in messengere. You already think that these virtual wars are living things different from yours.

And indeed, if we imagine a real meeting with the hero of correspondence, we have to admit that - not the fact that you want to continue the relationship. And yet - the computer game of the senses moves to a new level. Has become a kind of addiction, only with open eyes lying still in bed, frantically to look at the tablet. To check the phone, preservati social networks.

If found traces of "object", it's like another dose of drug instantly relieves withdrawal. Your breaking in the absence of its likes, comments, or the top prize - private messages.

And so, during the day - an ordinary life. Everything goes on as usual: work, transportation, calling friends, shopping. But somewhere deep down always sharpens the dependence on gadgets. You notice that no phone or tablet are your service applications, and Vice versa - you've become their appendage.

If for a moment imagine that he had lost, disappeared with all the phone numbers, passwords to the inputs in the social network, Viber and Watsom - it would be tantamount to the end of the world. And really, how can you live, if HE suddenly call your number and you do not answer?

the virtual-Gadimova dependence is observed in many. Especially being on her single women, who thus make up for the lack of a real men in his life.

Over time the virtual object begins to live independently, he absorbed the energy of a woman, her expectations, fantasies, growing stronger and beginning to manage it. Even goad her actions. Which is weird, lonely ladies even like it. Here it is - the proof of the existence of man, her man!

typically, these novels on the network end in tears. The fairy tale hero rarely materializes. Many ladies years dealing with a person declaring themselves ava-anime and neutral nickname. This is to completely encrypt the traces of the real presence in the world.

Such "heroes" should initially be alerted. But it is very sweet the first message, it is very nice in the morning to flowers and seals the tape. And then a woman gets news of a standard set of depreciation, emptiness, waste of time. Often, nervous breakdown, and the need for long restoration of disturbed emotional background.

ladies, or is in communication with the virtual phantoms to dare, and to put the last like?

Angelica Bogdanova
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