I Want that again about my mother.

About the efforts of the parent, often the mother's, to provide, to develop, to give, to teach, to ensure in the end! To protect the child from all sides.

the part looks so good! Such dedication!

Mom looks hero and heroine.

the goal - a happy future synedoche. A noble goal and beyond any criticism. How else???

Mother to be indignant only at the first hint of the incorrectness of its choice. I'll do anything, "she says," but it will be...... (and tra-TA-TA, here, studies, career, material possessions – everyone can imagine what he likes).

Often at the limit of strength and patience, taking out the last resources not only their own, but grandparents, of the child.

All the time. All can. And sees, sees a dazzling future of his child.

Here is the motivation! One of the strongest women's motivations.

the Fragile basis of their own life, for where here about their own life.

Everyone in the furnace!

Her mother completely not interested in her life. "Well, really uninteresting. What could be interesting at our age?!"

the World mom added hastily, reproducing itself automatically repeated, it is necessary to reach higher and higher, and to build capital there is neither the desire nor the strength nor the time. Therefore, all add-ins under only child: more money for tutoring, more time to steal from sleep.

And in the past is likely to burn, failure, disappointment...a Good future of a child is as the last in the fate of luck.

Play to play.

What forces keep it afloat? Time to get all the coveted.

Complete satisfaction, compensation for all the setbacks and the breakup of their own destiny.

And here it is – infinitely beautiful butterfly, ready to fly and soar, and flies, and soars, occasionally feeding on nectar of mom's love. A child's world in the end causing endless love lacquered and fragile world of butterfly.

Fall story with a very happy ending.

There is, there are moms in the incoming fire with three horses at full gallop, with huge financial resources and / or energy.

Have children, butterflies fluttering until retirement. Others admire and envy. The other annoying.

there are many Options, like the butterfly in nature different colors. Here by the way and the picture will be different.

And how many stories about butterflies I know... One more lovely another!

Today's story about the tension of the tea set from one, almost weightless butterfly, sat down with the nectar of endless maternal love.

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