Laziness. And whether it?


🔴"Lazy", and whether it is at all?!

always wanted to write about "Laziness", as very often with such a characterisation of a person - "he's lazy", "well, just laziness attacked me", "lazy me", "lazy grave", "lazy mother beat the", "lazy idler"...and so on!

so Say people themselves believe that there is some sort of Laziness which is to blame, but is it really?!

If you treat "Laziness" more carefully, revealing its contents, then you can come to that "Lazy" = "I don't want to do that"! And if you move just a little further, removing the "Not" and ask the question "what I want to do?" instead, it opens a whole life story, with many peremennymi! So about those variables I want to tell you!

In my opinion, the concept "Laziness" is just a convenient Mask, a cover for someone who appreciates a man that way, or someone who is so "just" evaluate themselves, their inaction, lethargy, weakness, inability to move in any direction, etc. Taking off the mask "Laziness", to open the door to "Want" a man!!!

⛔Which can stand for "Laziness":

1. Convenient all stabilizing inaction. "I'm so lazy, it has not changed, and all and so used";

2. Part of the new experience, in which a person is afraid to take the risk to enter. "I still will not achieve anything worthwhile, do not give the same";

3. Fear of making a mistake, realizing what kind of action, dreams, goals and for example disgraced. "At that time did not work and everyone laughed, Dan, I will not again disgrace";

4. Fear to run out half way to your goal. "Lived good, nothing to start";

5. The fear of depreciation. "But why do you still will not please everyone and will be unhappy";

6. Fear tired and loses its strength. "So few";

7. Fear to be seen and pronounced. "And suddenly dig, out with it then";

8. The fear of meeting with his true desire. "And why would I want to create something, anyway I decide to do not give";

9. The fear of change. "I am all later, have to change something in yourself! And God forbid change will have, and I don't know how";

10. Fear to meet with his ignorance, out of mastered comfort zone. "Well, too late to learn, I'm already late";

11. Fear to show their abilities. "Why should I show something, then do make, and I don't want";

12. Fear of contact with others. "I'm afraid of people I don't know how to communicate. Sit quietly with yourself, and so will descend"

13. The fear of being active. "Will have to bear the responsibility, ask someone to communicate, and I'm afraid I don't";

14. Fear of responsibility for the outcome or Perfectionism. "We have to be perfect, and if I fail, I will not take it, lie down";

As we can see, for "Laziness" is a lot of fear, which is often paralyzing for wanting to move is supported by some folding conviction and damping the energy of motion to their Desires!

In the Gestalt approach, it is called Retroflexion, minimized desire, the excitement! So briefly we can say this: - "Lazy" is rolled, quenched, not a conscious awakening to the experience of the self in life.

Sometimes "Laziness" associated with depression or this "Lazy" state really runs the depression, as the energy of action, having its output and the reinforcements, is attenuated and not propagated in motion.

Alfred Lingle, also viewed depression as a broken contact with life, which is very similar to the behavior of "Linamarase" man!

🚷the same "Laziness", it is currently unable to accommodate.

1. Bad previous experience that failed to take the work of mistakes, recognition of the failures and plan new experiences;

2. Fatigue control that comes from family in any private undertaking;

3. The inability to articulate their needs and desires;

4. The lack of contact with their feelings, and therefore with higher, nabatiye needs;

5. Feeling not valuable, the inability to identify and realize their unique values and abilities;

6. The experience of lost adolescent competition, which has remained in the category of "I'm a loser either way I lose";

7. There are many stopping belief, in relation to action, victory, competition, leadership, luck, etc.;

8. The inability to place his speed in cooperation with the other (too slow or Vice versa).

9. The failure of their appearance, peculiarities of expression, such a shame for himself;

10. Developmental delays or other mental or physical pathology;

11. Fatal or negative Outlook on life, the meaninglessness of life;

12. Neprejete grief or loss of someone/something valuable;

13. Frequent stops expression of desires in childhood and adolescence;

14. Inability to structure time and schedule;

15. Confusion;

16. Chemical dependency or codependency, where the focus and the meaning of life is substance or what that specific person. In their absence there is no other meaning to life;

17. The loss of support on the family and values;

18. The internal conflict of motives;

19. Strong resentment or anger, constant dialogue in my head with missing people (not schizophrenia or delusions), the desire to prove to someone something inside is obestochivaete experience;

20. Getting stuck in the past a very pleasant experience and the inability to bring new, positive experiences in the present and so on!

the Most important thing in my opinion is to depart from the usual, superficial assessment of human behavior as "Lazy", try to see the reason of inactivity and to give the opportunity to revive the "I WANT" to support this desire in action, to find support and resources for self-realization and not to rush it.
All good🙏

kachaeva Dinara
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