Lazy mother... Or I can always be strong and active


"the Second day in a row she was lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket, and watched stupid movies and cartoons. Most of the time it did not bother that such a large 27 year old horse does nothing. But sometimes they come — thoughts about business, that last week she did great - did all the work, kept in shape and enriches their intelligence, and now she's a big morsel in the arms of the small leopard. She didn't want to hear your thoughts about what she's lazy and will not achieve anything so extreme, but I couldn't help myself. After all, she knew that now allowing myself to hide laziness, like a warm purple plaid, tomorrow she'll throw again will be super girl... or woman that can do this. And now the main blanket, movies and a cat. After all, him she, too, misses."

there Are moments in life, times when you feel tremendous energy, the desire to create and a lot a lot of things to build, to create. You're like a soaked current, electricity. You feel a strong ruler and master of your life knowing that you can handle anything. It's an amazing feeling, forcing you to move forward and meet new. I know the feeling. It's beautiful. At this time I can work with the increased load on the basic work, to work, to play sports, write articles and compose, to create new workshops, to be the cool wife who prepares delicacies, supporting cleanliness of the house, to be a good daughter, etc.

But then comes my least favorite as poop, when you do not want to lie on the couch watching stupid movies that you don't even like that in his spare time, moving only to the kitchen and back while still hating himself for his laziness and weakness. The insignificance of this condition is further supported by the fact that you have something to compare themselves to this week. This is getting sadder and sadder.

the hardest at this point in your cognitive parts of the individual to recognize that it is you and you and this state are entitled. It is necessary in order to be able to accumulativity energy to cool your further actions. Your inner "retroflexed" like can't give you the right to be weaker and polenivee. "Retroflexed" is this substance which helps or "helps" to analyze everything that happens, to consider our strategy, to compare, to evaluate, i.e., what energizes us, even when the body is already tired.

With all this laziness is an important part of our life, an important part of our state, which you can and should love. Laziness important to give your body to relax, not resisting. And only after the body and spirit enjoy a bit of relaxation and doing nothing, only after the body perceives a fertile void - you can go ahead.

the First thing to do when it comes to deep breathe and ask yourself "why am I so worried now — I am now really important to strain themselves and blame, or I can actually breathe?". Because the gym and super supper is not going anywhere.

the Second is to try to feel what's going on with your body, what signals it sends, what it tells you. Because with the rapid pace of life hard to hear myself.

Third, ask the big and important question - "what do I want now?". No extras to the above "why" question. Just - "what do I want?".

Fourth, to calm your inner retroflexes that soon, but not now again you will start to move. Give it a rest. After all, you control his rise and leave.

And lastly, rejoice, relax, aktivnichat, be lazy, be sad, laugh, cry — the greater the variety of conditions and feelings you let into your life, the more you feel life.

Kozhina (Repacova) Ekaterina
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