Wonder why it is difficult to make a choice? No, not trivial, where you will dine. And serious consequences, with many unknowns.

Looking for a solution out the options. But notice that going round in circles. Some unknown outweigh the other, and then others, nullify all the previous reflections. You can spend your whole life doubting, choosing, refusing, returning to the starting point of reflection.

Just at this point there are no solutions. Of course, if to stop on each variant, it is possible to do the analysis, but the number of options is too large to perform and finally to verify the correctness of a choice.
And then you try to build the logic of the hypotheses. But while more and more bogged down in volume and contradictions are not solvable right now. br>
Should rise above the particulars of the choice and to look widely at what is happening and to see the direction, maybe you don't yet see the solution, but I understand, that's where you want to be.
Think about it, why all the reflection?
what do you want to come?
what is the result to which you aspire?

Know what you can interfere with the flight. Maybe you're like one of many, not aspire to something and running from something?

If your thoughts begin with "I don't want to...", "I Want...", not a lot of sense in what you're doing.

Stop thinking of the negatives, start to create. The future that you just want.
Leave in the direction of the decisions of particulars, you'll come back to them, when it is determined with the essence. Think proper directions. Based on true strategic vision. br>
there is No reason to think endlessly. Yes, a year or ten years you'll know more. Maybe even tomorrow. But have you knowledge for today.
Determine how much to allocate time for a decision. A minute or a month - whatever. It's your choice. But time is limited. Then only losses.

do Not hesitate - go for it!

this in future articles.

What choice you find it hard to understand?

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