many of us pay quite a large amount of time planning their own activities for weeks, months, or even years. And every day, check schedule. Many of the time management helps to cope with the unpredictable movement which is called life.

Crucial in this organization of life is attributed to the formation of ideas about self, about our own capabilities, about the situation in which these capabilities can be expressed and translated into reality. Including therefore there are many different techniques of cognitive psychotherapy, is designed to expand the knowledge about themselves, their capabilities with a view to their correction, increase self-efficacy. These techniques are designed to explore the person from several spheres of life: actually cognitive (tracking your thoughts), emotional (tracking of their feelings, emotions), behavioral (evaluation of the results of their actions).

I guess many in one form or another, keep a personal journal, which describe the events of the past day and evaluation of their own contribution to these events from the point of view of the above-mentioned fields. I.e. description of events, emotions that were caused by these events and thoughts are automatic and deliberate, accompanying emotions, and, of course, a description of the outcome of all this behavior. This diary is an important tool in cognitive psychotherapy designed to improve reflexivity, to contribute to a change in their attitude towards themselves and the world, improve social adaptation.

In practice, notice that not always the tool can work as well as originally meant person. And it's not about how true the stated aim of the equipment or instruction. Usually, in this case, the crucial plays motivation and personality. for Example, a tendency to avoid unpleasant emotions, such as fear changes in your life, or fear of being alone (if we are talking about the capacity of autonomy) can contribute to the rejection of the job or not originally organized plan of action. In this case, you need to simultaneously learn self-control, to the decisive moment not to deviate from the designated path.

self-control will be useful not only to people who have a tendency to avoidant or dependent behavior, but also to those who were in a difficult life situation, accompanied by the prolonged stress. for Example, imagine the person who long time engaged in job search, while it is not impossible to get, not enough money for accommodation, are formed of the difficulty of interaction with others, etc. eventually he gives up, criticizing yourself, and all that he did, seems to him useless, pointless. Therefore, in order to begin active life changes, you need to be ready for them.

Learning self-control consists of three components: self-observation, self-evaluation and samopoznanie.

1) Introspection involves the ability of man to record the frequency, intensity and duration of certain actions for them to achieve the set objectives. The ability to conduct such recordings can help to see some changes and improvements.
2) self-Esteem involves comparing the observed performance of the work with the "standard" implementation. This means that each person, depending on his abilities and capabilities have their own "standards" perform some activities. Often these standards are borrowed from other people, which can lead to ambiguity of the obtained results ("I don't know happy or not") or frustration. Training for more accurate assessment itself can help develop such standards. For example, this is useful when you want to determine, you need to seek help with a task or not.
3) Samopoznanie assumes the existence of relevant effects the job that meets their own standards. This is not surprising, because any activity requires reinforcement to stay motivated. To reinforce their desirable behavior is necessary for specific awards (a gift, a nice walk, watching a favorite movie, etc.), and positive cognitive reinforcements: "Yes! I really did it and it worked for me! I'm cool!".

the Formation itself of the desirable qualities that will help to achieve goals, and increase their own self - efficacy is sometimes a long and laborious process, but knowing yourself, knowing your capabilities and having the skills of self-control, this process will be much faster and more enjoyable.

For individuals with high self-control requires different tools and methods to improve self-efficacy what may be, I will write in other articles.

Zaporozhchenko Denis
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