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 In late January at Sundance festival in the USA was shown a documentary film by Dan reed “Leaving Neverland» (English. Leaving Neverland). It tells the story of two men, Wade Robson and Jimmy Savchuk, who claim that Michael Jackson was rastal them when they were children. Robson was 7 years and 10 Savchuk.

In early March, the film was released in the UK. After was translated into Russian language. And so has come to all who understand it. I must say that the film is already block Youtube. I started to watch it on one source, when he returned after the break, it turned out that the video is no longer available. Had to find another.  

of Course, the network stolknula. Fans of Michael Jackson burn in the fires of their rage anyone who dares to question the infallibility of the hero: “I do not believe, you lie, you want to make money on the name, slandered genius, he was a philanthropist who saved many lives, how can we talk about him”. And most of the rabid fans have not watched the film. In posts and comments, is either expressly recognized or it does not correspond to what is shown in it. For fans of the idol Holy and nothing they don't want to hear.

Not fans also write” “why? why now?”, “do I have to rake up the ashes?”, “the man is dead and can't defend itself”. Or “he was an unhappy man, crippled fate, it's better to make a film about his father-despot". Another beautiful, but, alas, not rare position “in the corruption believe, but in the violence - there is no". Or ‘why haven't they left and went back over and over again?”.

Violence, especially sexual, is still surrounded by a halo of shame, fear and resistance. As if there were flash mobs #Aboussafy and #Meetoo. Blaming the victim is easier than to change picture of the world. And most importantly, aggressively deny the violence at times is easier, than to join the pain of the one who survived.

 But first, in order. Why I believe the Neverland? Because live a long time. In the mid-80's, early 90's, Michael Jackson was not just a king. He was a God. Neither then nor now there is no one, even the big stars that would compare with him on the status. Not in talent or merit, namely the weight in the world. The same Angelina Jolie in its best period and comes close to the Olympus of Michael Jackson. He was known and loved throughout the planet Earth. It was honored and took the kings, spiritual leaders, presidents. 

 In the mass media sometimes flashed photos, videos, in which Jackson was with some child or children that wrote about the dream in the same bed, about an invitation to stay at his ranch. But then he talked about how he loves kids, how much does for hospitals, schools, children's centres.

 And he was with the press hardly talked and had a famous interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993 was a sensation. Historical event, akin to the meeting of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill in Tehran. Or teleconference between the US and the USSR that led Posner and Donahue. It was held in the same Neverland. And the theme of children it arose: why do so many of them in the house adult. Yes, and the house is like a fairy Kingdom, which is in General very nice, but not for a single men.

In 1993, was filed the first lawsuit against Jackson, accused of molestation, but he ended by agreement of the parties. Jackson then explained all that he had no childhood, he worked all the time and now compensating for the lost years. A wicked and greedy people trying to cash in on his name.

And time again was distant. Don't know about you, but I'm with my made in USSA word "pedophile" did not know. Then the word “sex” especially not sounded. And so sex with children – it was easier to believe in the existence of Bigfoot. In General, it looked like some quirks. Plus again the status of God.

In the film “Leaving Neverland" mothers of heroes well explain why they too much surprised, but didn't think about anything bad - on the one hand the feeling that you descended God, God can't be bad. On the other hand, pedophilia has not been on everyone's lips, it was a different time. Then, in 14-15, many have worked to create their own families, had children. It is now for having sex with 14-year-old boy crucified, and labor, if only it does not help in the family business, called the exploitation of the child. That is ignorance plus a lack of clarity in society and in the result of some carelessness “it is strange, but not terrible”. Why nobody sounded the alarm.

Later, in the beginning it was a new charge Jackson's seduction of the court. But in defense of Jackson were made by Mikkola Culkin and Wade Robson, their confident “no” has led to the fact that the defendant was acquitted.

Now new charges posthumously. And I have one question for those who shout “do not believe». If you imagine now any major star that suddenly starts to appear everywhere with little boys. Or even older boys. Or girls. Will play games with them, invite them to his house, talking for hours on the phone, sleeping in the same bed. What do you think about this man? Whether to leave with him for your child?

In early March, 2019 Oprah Winfrey invited me to his Studio and Wade Robson and James Savchuka and Dan reed. She herself has experienced abuse in childhood, makes a lot of programs dedicated to the victims and decausative in society on this topic, plus perhaps feels responsible for that interview in 1993. All the questions now buzzing network that has been given to the heroes. The answers given to me, they are indisputable. But the interview raised important theme that we're missing, if you start to only talk about Michael Jackson and from the perspective of “deception”.

In the film “Leaving Neverland" we are shown more violence, affectionate, gentle, consistent, and for violence, not all want to take – corruption or the involvement of children in sexual play. With an unknown villain, who appears from behind the corner, snatching the child locks in the basement and rapes easier to accept. The film also shows us the way when violence is packaged in a wrapper of love. The children thought that they love so much. The child in the lexicon of no sex at all, is love. And all that makes an adult says “this is love” as learning ways of expressing love. Especially in relationships, however, there were many elements of care, joy and attention. Love. Only sex was still. To understand what happened to you, you can become a for adults and not all have the force.

  the two heroes said that they began to rethink the events of the past after they became fathers. And born to them boys. Through fatherhood, they reinterpreted his childhood experience and was finally able to call things by their proper names.

As a psychologist, I meet with the survivors experience of violence in childhood. I never know what will meet them. Is goes to you man, month, two months, six months, a year with something completely different. And then suddenly freezes, as it hardens the face and body, and in a low voice said “I was 6, 10, 13, 18, when my dad, uncle, stepfather, grandfather…”. If I find out that the rapist is now alive, I ask the question “what you want to do with it? If you want to punish him? If Yes, I will support you”, but in response to hear “No”. And I understand why.

Because society is still not ready to admit how much violence really is. And comments on the movie “leaving Neverland" once again proves that it is better to keep quiet about it.


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