Sometimes, undermined by posts? Outrage breaks out so that even the question does not arise - write an angry comment or to go to the bathroom? Of course to write!?

Check out outrageous text in the three conditions, and perhaps the bladder will tell you thank you for it.  


Check for flatness. If there is no words directly pointing to categorization:  “definitely”, “only way”, “always”, “never”, “all”, “no” and their ilk, directly contact the author - are there any exceptions?  


Check for non-constructive attitude. If there is no text of words and phrases directly indicating the evaluation in the format of "either - or" (either bad or good), directly ask the author: “the Other options are bad? People who do not know how (if they can't do it, if you live differently, have a different opinion) is bad?”


Checking dictionaries.

“In one window looked two.

One saw the rain and mud.

Other-green foliage ligature,

Spring and the sky is blue.

In one window looked two…”

(Omar Khayyam)

You are sure that, together with the author interpret used in the text of the concept in the same way?  how did you get that confidence you've specified, I asked?

Well - tested? 


Now go with a clear conscience, sit down. And as to sit some time, because when you suffer (of course - in the name of justice) then long comes out, I'll add a bit. 

non-constructive attitude "either bad or good" in us can be hard to sit (especially in wounded and grown, but povzroslevshie children). Without halftones. And therefore any disagreement, failure to take anybody's position immediately ranked as bad (well, there is a suspicion that). Therefore, it is considered that the person accused. That is the bomb, after reading the post and some comments - if the author does not agree with the position (way of life) is similar to mine, so he considers this position a bad, unworthy. Well, I for it'll show!

the Authors in social networks do not write scientific articles (especially the comments). So any implied meanings can be omitted, just be “mind”. For example, the question of categoricity. Therefore, to believe that the author outlined his idea most fully laid out all the information you can give on this subject - to put it mildly - ill-advised. 

People have different interpretations of even such seemingly common concepts, like love, happiness, kindness, caring. What to say about the rest? Thus, writing an angry comment / reply can be sure that he understands all the words written by the author, just as he is. 

don't thank. Better not forget to flush. And let your justice prevail! (but after checking the three conditions, of course)

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