Let me live with you!


If you often feel flawed, inferior, unwanted, unloved, if you thought about suicide or made such attempts, if you were on hard drugs or have a drinking problem, it is likely that your life script is the program: don't live (Die, disappear).

How does this sound?

a lot of Options.

Perhaps as a child you were told that the mother wanted an abortion but for some reason failed. Maybe the parents had many children and you were not a wanted child. May be you as a child abused physically or with words... All this message: don't live!

you May have heard from parents:

- I will kill you.

- I wish I'd never given birth.

- When you were born, your father left.

- my error.

I almost died when she gave birth to you.

- it was very difficult, when you were born.

- I had to quit work (the Institute) when you were born.

- If it wasn't for you my career would have developed.

And many other phrases that are often heard child and from which he could conclude that I'd rather not have. I wish he was never born. It is not needed here. It's filled with fault., just because he lives. After all suffer because of him.

fortunately, the people, even with the same parent message are doing everything possible to survive.

However, they often take hard decisions to survive.


- I will live until I have a lot of hard work.

- I will live until I get close to people.

- Alcohol (drugs) helps me to live life analgesic.

- I'm not myself, then I'll live. (I'm not going to live my life).

- If I am to be punished, I can live with.

- While I struggle with my disease, I may live.

and so these people live a miserable life scenario. Filled with guilt and shame, not feeling your worth, not feeling the joy, such is the life of a loan...And this hurts to even write.

What to do?

it is Clear that you can go to a good psychologist. But whether it be good and how many years will it take for therapy? And it's expensive too, especially for someone who has just enough money for survival.

I will Say this, there are psychologists who are masters of their craft that can help quickly. Search for. Who seeks shall find.


the very fact that you realized you have a ban on life is half the battle (and maybe more).

Go to the training. No, not any, of course.

But this - the most it! Change your life script.

Record on tape (this is better) and listen to or read during the month, "mantra", representing what your parent tells you this is a small (Oh):

Darling (Oh) my (s)!

You know what is most important to each of us in this life?

you May not know about this and I want to tell you this important thing now.

You are IMPORTANT! And you are VALUABLE! Important, valuable and significant in the first place for myself!

You're meaningful! If it wasn't important, you just have not been. But you ARE! You're alive and you're breathing. You exist!

Your feelings are important. And you have every right to your feelings all the time. All of your choices. All their emotions.

can You talk about what you like and agree with this.

You can unsubscribe from what you don't like and not nice.

You can care about yourself and it is very very important! Love of self begins with attention.

You can be important and significant, you hear?

You are valuable! Once you open these words to heart - you will find that love was always with you. From the very first breath.

Remember, please, always you important and valuable!

You are valuable! You are important! Valuable you are! Live! Love! Be!

You are important! You are a valuable and significant! Live! Love! Be!

Elena Replusive
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