Let's make a deal!


the Ability to negotiate with fellow - important as we teach pre - school children in the area of communication skills. To agree on joint activities, achieving goals, spending time with the game, stay...

important Here is not only the result that we get, but as we go to them, as all actors feel to it.


- that I was just fine;
- he decides and makes;
okay, he will be fine, but I can't insist, better not say anything and would be bad for me;
- I'll decide, because I know how will be correct.


How do we decide which is our joint decision in which both of us comfortable. Yes, something has to sacrifice, but in General, children feel: and I was OK, he was OK, and the feelings, desires, and skills important both of us!

in class Today "me and my friends" podgotovili have a drawing.

at First I showed the children the stories of the dogs Tobiko.

Dog Toby lived with girls. Then rose, turned into an adult dog. And the girl had ceased to love her. And when the girl on his birthday gave a new dog, Toby was turned out into the street. However, this is a story with a happy ending. Dog Toby saw the announcement that Shrek is about finding friends and came to find a friend. There she met a lion Chandler.

After the story we discussed, and then I invited the children to perform the following task: they had to split up in pairs and together to draw one picture on the theme "the History of dogs Tobiko".

the Result was supposed to be: the picture looks like it was drawn by one person.

For this you need to negotiate: who will draw which part of the sheet.

the Children started to work. Of course, there was a lively atmosphere. After all the guys agreed! I went and handled the process. Every child showed himself in the picture to one without asking the other, prompted : how do the two of us to paint, etc.

Today was a success! If before the whole group 1-2 figure is not reached the result because the kids divided the paper in half and each drew your drawing, or one painted horizontally, the other vertically, or both have drawn at home and one girl dog.

Today did the job for everything!

Here was worried about the two guys. One of home for that first year in kindergarten. Another has problems in communication skills. Often offended, crying, conflict. However, he goes to private lessons to me and he had a progress in communication. Had good friends and fellowship. The team perfectly coped with the task.

Susie and Katie shocked me amazing butterflies:

the children are not without conflicts. So this time got in a fight a boy and a girl. But not from the same team. And the girl in retaliation drew a red line next to the tree. I offered from the line to make the stars, and the guys then took themselves a salute. And the star became a winning feature of the picture:

Xenia and Victor handed drama Tobiko dogs when she was on the street.

Dog Toby Maxim and Ksenia ( we in this group of four Susie!) even in a warm house girls-hostess with elegant chandelier and warm oven:

And Kate (second) and Xenia (four!) decided to paint the dog Tobiko more potential friends:

At the end of the lesson, we staged an exhibition of works and I the guys asked, "do you think you coped with the task?". And they are all happy with replied: "Yes."

indeed, the ability to come enthusiastically towards a common goal -the phenomenon is exciting and joyful.

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