a Few months ago I contracted a "disease clean slate." This is when you create a blank word document for hours and look in the white pages. You are fear, panic, are you disappointed to erase any writing you a line or paragraph, strongly pressing on the keyboard. And then this ill-fated close the file without saving, and think to myself "I have nothing to write..."

Familiar? br>
Over the past two weeks I've written much more than probably in my entire life. I recovered. Any disease is easier to cure when you know its causes. br>
My first writing experience happened in six years. I sat down in a dark room, wrapped his neck scarf, pulled the thin brush (the pen was not) and black paint, lit a candle and sat down at a clean sheet. I wanted to write a story, like Pushkin, Perrault or Hoffmann. At that moment, I felt less great and talented writer. Squeeze in a few lines, like "there once was..." I stopped anticipating future success and literary greatness. Thoughts of future greatness was interrupted by the mother:
- go to sleep! And what are you doing here? I, too, Pushkin great! br>
in a few minutes I was asleep and with me fell asleep a desire to write anything. br>
In school I loved writing. Still don't understand why we never wrote them? Why we have not explained how important this is and how it is useful. No, but we have explained how to write a standard, boring school essays, which, in General, do not differ from each other. So for all my compositions I often received 4. Because they were not a fountain. Or not format. br>
the Truth was in my school life one bitch that didn't give me the contents of above three. And generally, good life spoiled. Fortunately, she left after two years of "teaching." br>
In its place came another teacher who was a good woman. But to teach something valuable could not. I really do not understand and not knowing what I know, what is the participial turnover, adverb, pronoun and other stuff that complicates life. To write without errors – it seems to be able, commas can supply intuitively. What more do you need? br>
the Last two years of school and all went to prepare for the exam, and fluent reading (often in a short summary) of all the great works of literature. br>
I Read a lot. Until third year of University, I often bought books, and read a couple of works in a month. Later I switched to nonfiction. Even now, to read something artistic to me rather difficult. br>
the same thing happened with my texts. I always wanted to write a play, script, story. Never brought it to an end. And then completely destroyed, for nefig. Not Pushkin. br>
Partly because I write bad. Interesting. Errors. Write as if Russian is not my native language. br>
do Not think that I cry the Blues – all these phrases I heard from other people. The same teachers, examiners, critics, Directors. About bosses, different story:

that prepared the presentation slides for twenty. Everywhere is text. Checked eight times for mistakes and typos. And during the presentation of the watchful eyes of head noticed one "consecrate in the media", not "media coverage":
- What the fuck are you to consecrate going? Cakes for Easter?! How can you fucking be so inconsiderate?! br>
Indeed. How can you then? How can I prevent stupid mistakes, not know how to put in punctuation, what distinguishes the semicolon from the colon? Then there is nothing at all to write, and the word you can safely delete, because they do not help. br>
So I became afraid of a clean slate. br>

It lasted for a long time. I stopped "talking" text. Wrote no papers, no notes, no posts. In addition, I noticed that this fear gradually covers my speaking. I was thinking all the time – and whether I said everything? Correctly formulated? Perhaps, I will not say so deployed, suddenly, wrong.

Caught myself on thought that I do, it is difficult to say. New people, with strangers, with sellers, taxi drivers.

This is so not me. Really, I have so easily developed.

At some point, I felt that I am useless to this world. I do not produce anything. The musician communicates with the world through song, artist, paintings, poet, poetry. And a psychologist?

the Psychologist realizes himself the word. Including - text. It is only in the text, it is possible to have this kind of freedom of thought, which does not happen even at the most initial sessions of personal therapy. Only in the text you can be honest, transparent and Frank. You can give vent to his feelings, to put my thoughts in a suitable form. Lyrics are you building the road for others. You choose – you're going down this road, or people come to you.

now, to business!

Down with the prejudices and fears! To hell with all the critics and teachers with their red pen!

1) there are Errors everywhere. Where they are not? Whole life is a mistake. To make a mistake in the text this is normal. You're not a machine, you're not a robot. Maybe you're wrong because your thoughts run faster than words on the screen. Fingers do not have time to write for you, what here the case to commas.

2) All the critics that were in your life and somehow affected you was important for you at that moment. Now they're not around. And, if you want to – never will. Those episodes that influenced you then should not affect you today. Let them go and say goodbye to them.

3) the word hope, but also help themselves. If you are not confident in your text, and are afraid to seem the layman, writing the word with three errors, find yourself a faithful ally in the editor. This can be a girl-a student, or a student of Philology or professional editor-proofreader. Everyone has different prices, but quality is about the same. What price are you willing to pay for their own moral peace of mind? By the way, I have this editor, and I can give his contacts.

4) Take part in any creative drive, any educational course on writing and text. ANY! I'm sure that there are no bad courses, because they all focus primarily on you and your abilities. And they are, without a doubt, you have. Personally, I participated in the class , KETT – the POWER of WORDS. But you can look for other options.

5) Look for inspiration in everything! You're a versatile person, you have your opinion on any issue and any subject. Look for inspiration in the news – there's plenty of reasons. Look for ideas in painting, in film, in art in General. And yet, I have one secret for their articles, I sometimes use a metaphorical map, but that's another story.

6) read More! Books, articles, notes, blogs. Start to get pleasure from what you read. Pay attention to phrases, not ideas. The arrangement of words in sentences. Notice subtle tricks and turns, remember and write them. This is useful to you.

7) Yes will you have other idols! Fear not someone to emulate. Choose a few blogs on the topics you are interested in. Or, authors whose manner of feeding the text you cling. Read and submerge into them, pay attention – why do you read that makes you want to read the post until the end. What do you like and what not. Not afraid to repeat them. This is not plagiarism, it's about finding yourself and your style.

8) the Last tip. The most important! Without it, all previous points are not considered. DON'T STOP WRITING! Just don't stop. Don't close the new file without saving. Allow yourself to create. Let go of yourself to the text, enjoy every word, propitius each letter of your text with sincerity and love. But just don't stop! Experience, skills, knowledge will come when they'll need.

Well, let's text?

Daniel O.
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