you fall in love with the ideal version of a real person.
Nice to us fills our synapses like a virus, causing the selection of the neural chemicals responsible for attraction, arousal, pleasure and even obsession. But actually we don't think about the man himself. We're building an internal idealized model helps us to predict how people will behave and how you feel.
Love hurts, when our imaginary model of the person collides with reality. A real person may differ from our illusions about him, our faith in him, our hopes, expectations and misconceptions. It may not behave as we expect. He may even be a bad person, evil, a coward, a scoundrel, a liar, a manipulator, selfish, a gossip, a fool, an alcoholic... it's not what you might like in a person, isn't it? But you block the signals coming from reality, and increasingly, signal the occipital part of the brain responsible for your illusion. You do it because you're afraid to be disappointed, to be among, to break his heart to lose the pleasure that gives you love.
the question that we love the person or the idea of what is it?
We complement physical attraction of a man with illusions about him. This process we call love. This is actually a cognitive fallacy. Delirium caused by auto-suggestion. Sensory hallucinations are possible remotely similar to schizophrenic delusions. Aberration our limbic system responsible for emotions.
to love a person truly needed to know his character and soul. Love it except for the pheromones, scent, body, voice, image and even his identity. And for this it needs to know. Love the actors, models or just beautiful, successful, unfamiliar people – it's love in a way that makes you want to take a bite, complemented by personal fantasies. Not knowing the man personally deep enough we just can't truly love. We love in this case your sweet fantasies about him.
It is for this reason, when we have passion and attraction to the person we seek to know him. True love begins with mutual understanding, mutual support, kindness and friendship. Everything else is the collision of two different people drawn by the solitude, gain, passion or fear to each other. These relationships turn into love addiction. To get rid of dependence can be realized its benefits in these respects, the deficits that brought you into this relationship and their own personal illusion delusion.

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