how Many people will pay attention to You if you are in a public place reading a textbook called "Fundamentals of sexology"?
do you Know how many?
Almost everyone who read the title of your book. The person will closely closely, as if you were reading something forbidden and very tasty:)).

now about sex, about himself. The theme is still tabwemasana in our society. And if adults in a conversation comes to the topic about sex, many become playful, humorous, shy. How much energy in this thread.

I Pass now retraining in family psychology. The course includes one of the compulsory subjects of "Sexology". Materials on it are colorful: from the sexual organs and their structure to pictures of how to have sex.

When reading these books and materials in transport, sitting next to necessarily "read with me"))). Peripheral vision I see:)

some other items of family psychology, that to me didn't read - for example, "Psychology of co-dependency", "parent - child relationships"and so on so the person next to you didn't read))).

Since I work with married couples, you know how often the topic of sex POPs up on family consultations.

that's exactly the main causes of quarrels in pairs - problems in sex and finances. The rest don't seem so acute.

And if a couple has a quarrel, and like nitpicking for no reason then if everything is OK, then sex is necessarily some kind of "ambush": the pleasure does not bring, it is small, but it is not.

And unrealized sexual energy does terrible things.

And sublimation - a separate issue. How many people replace sex different other things - the workaholism, sports. Finally quarrels in the pair. Yes, it is quarrels.

If the couple often loudly and passionately to fight, it's the fact that the energy is there, but to direct it in sex it can not (for various reasons). And then we can begin a series of high-profile arguments with insults and no reason.

if properly configured the sexual life will solve many problems: with a sense of peace in life, raising self-esteem and many others.

But this does not mean that one sex can raise self-esteem or solve all the problems)).

But it is nicer and better:).

Oh Yes! I often like to talk about the soul and spirituality, but about sex, too, once necessary.

to Combine spirituality and sex is the most wonderful!)

Julia Talantseva
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