I used to think that resentment is just a feeling. Strong, uncomfortable feeling, which eventually itself absorbed somewhere. I forgot about the offense?! Don't think about her and the person offended constantly?! So, resentment is no more. And that means to study nothing else, and you can live on!

But there it was. Starting to study psychology, I learned that resentment is not just unpleasant, IT is the STRONGEST CHARGE of AGGRESSION DIRECTED INWARDS. Inwards or anyone else, and to me the most. I'm offended! And all these tons of negative energy stored inside of me. And go out at the most inopportune moment.

Someone looked at me accusingly, well, just like the mother in childhood, I reacted (vskolyhivaetsya insult to the mother and is transferred to another person). br>
a Friend was late for a meeting, I responded (my mother never picked me up on time from daycare, and I always had to wait). br>
Favorite male didn't react "properly" in my rush to hug, said he is now busy, I reacted (dad always shied away when I tried to hug him, and I was very hurt and offended).

Such examples can bring a BUNCH! And the whole LOT previously stored in me! In my body. And it is not just stored in my body causing a lot of inconvenience, IT PREVENTED ME to COMMUNICATE NORMALLY WITH PEOPLE! The world seemed evil and unjust. I was a VICTIM of this world!

Remember that time, and still rejoice that the stage of life for me in the past. That getting rid of offense, I not only lost weight, returned to my life joy and energy, but also learned to interact with the world, with the people that surround me. And now, for me, communication is not torture, IT's a JOY.

Want in your life was as beautiful changes?!

get rid of hard feelings!

Let yourself be happy!

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