Letter losing weight.


Hello, the future slim people!
Let this letter be for You and motivation, and an assistant to bypass the pitfalls.

no matter How many attempts You did, how many calories burned in ruthless to the body exercises, know that You have something beautiful that is always with You, whatever is weighing You now not read this letter. Your Soul. Your sense of humor. Your kindness. Your love. They are beautiful! And starting to start losing weight, remember why You do it:

You make a beautiful body for Your beautiful Soul.

by the Way, remember that You do not need weight loss the word "evil", so wish exactly what You need: slender, normal weight.
Talking about your wishes correctly, we come to their execution. Calling them by other names, the direction can go astray and to lead us away from them. br>
Feel the difference: "I lose weight" and "I am stroiney", "I bring the weight back to normal," "I make the body beautiful." Select the installation that are pleasing to the soul. Then abandon the extra piece of cake will be even nice when you're on the way to the goal: "You stroinaya right now without any confectionery fat and oil palm. Remind yourself: "I am stroiney". Do not lose weight (negatively perceived), and am stroiney, bring the weight back to normal, make the body beautiful (the positive way of thinking).

Well contributes to the slimness of the analysis areas of your life: what body are psychologically trying to "gain margin"? May be declined Finance and body subconsciously saves resources, just in case, or lost Your authority in the family and the body makes itself more visible, and there may be other reasons. In any case, if they are, rather, first is to realize that the subconscious mind has ceased to "signal" the body, and then to do a beautiful body.

Physical activity, of course, necessary. For this you can do yourself and the sport.hall. home for free, this is a handy app which installed in phone.

Rate the quality of their food. Remember that You have a beautiful body for the Soul, and not just feed your hunger. Nurture and nourish yourself. Realizing that You are responsible for Your food the only body given to You for life, practically, there is no hunting to put ourselves in fast food. the
Important is the spiritual food which gets psyche. If there is fear, hatred, a lot of negative emotions, the adrenaline, which, in turn, many people, provokes the feeling of hunger even when we are full. That is, our negative brain food promotes overeating. So, rate the quality of their physical and mental food. Choose one that is worthy of Your most unique body. :)

Think that is "extra" in Your life. What is ballast bothers You to this day? What accumulates? Parse it with a psychologist. Relieve unnecessary mental plan, the easier it will come to physical feelings.

And remember most importantly: what is your weight now is the right weight for Your current life situation. The body adapts to Your life. And how this weight will be in three months will be the right for the life You reside after three months. All given to us. Everything will be as we will live. :)

Clinical psychologist adult and children, Sobina Albina, Stavropol.
Methods of consultation: online-correspondence (b17, Skype, mail, Vkontakte)
by phone: +7 962 450-30-10
person in the city of Stavropol, Pirogova str., 15/1. br>
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