Letter No. 8. Time management successful women.


My dear, successful women! You're already successful – right? Of course, how could it be different! The goal is set, plan, ecology met, motivation is high. But, there's always a "but", and very often it's "but" due to lack of time.

Day is a little life, and we must live it like you should die now, but you suddenly gave another day.

(Maxim Gorky)

And it was right a great writer, and how much he had in life. Well, we would not sin to think more seriously about time and its distribution. Most likely, you, my dear, have you heard about Time management (time management) - science, in order to achieve goals in our crazy high-speed world. Indeed, we are without knowledge of time management will be difficult to move towards their goals. Very often it happens that some people manage to do both: work and study, and a fitness center to go, and personal lives are not virtual, but very real. How they manage to combine it all and not fall from fatigue, and look quite happy with life?

I think one of the reasons is time management both at home and at work. And since you've already made a plan of action, it is not necessary to deviate one millimeter. And you are guaranteed success.

in order to learn how to manage your time, you need to have an idea, how it's distributed now, and this be patient and one day do not leave with a notebook and pen, recording all actions and the amount of time spent on them.


7.00. – the alarm started to ring.

7.00.-7.10. – lay in bed.

7.10.-7.30. – was in the bathroom.

7.30.-7.35 – talked on the phone.

this list includes work in the Internet, the time you spent on the way to work, the work itself and, of course, the so-called "smoke breaks", snacks, drinking tea, conversations with colleagues, dealing with personal issues and other business not directly related to your activities.

At the end of the day, analyze how much time you have spent:


– to communicate with family members?

– to communicate with other people?

– to care for myself?

– caring for loved ones?

on the road?


– in a dream?

– etc.

And now the big question: how much time was spent on what is unknown?

Very often, after such a study the first time, reveals the amazing thing that about 7-8 hours a day! Now imagine how many interesting things you can do with proper management of your time?

Therefore, if you really want to do something, you have time for this, no matter how many wishes you make come true.

so, in order to manage your time, you must know what you are spending.

the Second step is planning your day.

If we are talking about the fact that every day we do something to achieve your goal, plan your day, be sure to enable all the actions.

once you have a plan (which is a written plan in mind will not work), you will notice that you will have free time for other things. You will find that time is actually more than enough!

In the book of Stephen Covey "the Main attention – important things" describes a method Eisenhower, who received later the name "Eisenhower Matrix". The idea of this method belongs to the 34-th President of the United States D. Eisenhower, which concluded that the urgent things are rarely important and, at the same time, the important things are rarely urgent.

Matrix helps to quickly navigate in the flow of cases and to decide which tasks are important and require urgency. All the things that we do can be divided into four groups shown in this matrix: urgent and important (zone 1), not urgent but important (zone 2), urgent but not important (zone 3) and not urgent and not important (area 4).

  1. Important and urgent - things, the overabundance of which in your life you experience the phenomenon of time pressure and stress. It is the case that require "immediately".

  2. Important and not urgent - things related to the achievement of the goal. Solving these cases requires a responsible attitude, because their results will affect your future, and what the situation will be your goal.

  3. Unimportant, urgent things – that is not essential to the final result, but it requires an immediate solution. From the point of view of saving time, these cases are extremely disadvantageous to do yourself, it is best to try to delegate.

  4. non-Urgent, unimportant – things that can be described by the epithet great, which is widely spread among coaches in time management: "time-eaters". This should involve all your phone calls, questions and events, which are generated mainly by your acquaintances (relatives, colleagues, friends).

in order to begin to use this technique in practice, try every working day to start with registration of all your current Affairs in the form of "Eisenhower matrix".


1 the crisis

Resolution crises

the Immediate tasks

Projects which have a close deadline.



Managing in a crisis

the Constant "Fire" and "Military fighting."

Continuing the activity

running multiple things at once



success 2

Planning new projects

Evaluation results

Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships

the Definition of new prospects.

Professional growth preventive actions, creating and maintaining resources


Results: Vision, perspective

the Balance

the Discipline Necessary to control

to minimize the crises

Active leader


3 Illusion

Distraction, interrupt

Some telephone calls.

the Selected meetings, meetings

the Consideration of urgent materials

Social activities

Urgent help to others


Unreasonable waste of time and effort

Your cases are not performed

the Deadlines are shifted

Fatigue, irritation

the Feeling of being a victim.


Floats in the process.


background 4


Trivia time-consuming

Some of the letters, telephone calls

waste of time

Entertainment, stay





Dependency on core issues from other

termination of employment

Laziness; lack of interest, loss of life.


Strive to reduce the number of cases to 1-2 from the category of "important and urgent" that you need to do yourself.

Strive to ensure that all tasks of strategic importance, were in the square with the status of "important and not urgent"; it is this status of Affairs, allows them to perform to time and quality.

Case "unimportant but urgent" — send to everyone who they will take.

"time-eaters" of their work, try to eliminate completely. Of course, close is cannot be ignored (it is not environmentally friendly, and training them to sms ,avoid idle conversations, etc.).

Author Mamedov Olga

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