Hello my future client!

Let me tell you about the main principles of my work.

  • I don't give advice

You will not receive from me any guidance and ready "recipes". I'm not telling you how to act and what decision to take. But I can help you figure out what's going on in your life, and what the implications of any decision.

  • I-judgmental and tolerant

For me it does not matter the color of your skin, your weight, your sexual orientation, what you have education or social status. I don't care, match our religious or political views. I accept you with all the "problems" and not expose their ratings. I am guided by your life values and principles and trying to rebuild their world.

  • I cherish your secret

You may not disclose the personal information which we do not wish to speak. I will not require you have a passport and will call the name that you want to hear in his address. I'm not going to look for information about you on the Internet or at your loved ones. I won't tell about your history my friend, husband or colleague, and do not write an article about you on the website. With your permission I will use the moments of our sessions, without revealing your personal information, supervision or training in order to provide more professional help you.

  • I draw the line between personal and professional

it is important to maintain neutrality of his position, so since I was your psychologist I can only be your therapist. I can't be your friend, customer or someone else, neither the consultation process nor after its completion. I'm not going to give you gifts for the holidays and I will ask you not to give them to me.

  • I love my job

I came to psychology in conscious age and love what I do. Whoever you were, you are unique and unique, and you can be sure that my interest in you and what is going on with you, sincere. And I will try to do whatever is necessary not to harm you, and to provide quality psychological help.

see you at the consultation!

Levchuk Olga
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