Hello, in this article I want to talk about medical physical culture and the role of the psyche in it.

physical therapy is built on four core mechanisms, each of which is caused by the desire of the body to interact effectively with the environment. When there is a goal have the means. All four mechanisms of exercise therapy aimed at adaptation to the movement, which allows you to perform the tasks:

1) Tonic mechanism of therapeutic action is needed to bring all systems in readiness to interact with the external environment.

2) Normalizing the mechanism of therapeutic action based on the desire of the body to normalize the defective system.

3) Trophic mechanism of therapeutic action aimed at optimization of power systems to perform the tasks, accelerating the recovery processes.

4) using the compensatory mechanism of therapeutic action there is an opportunity to follow to the goal of losing some body or system.

the Need for therapeutic physical culture is most likely to occur when people neglect a healthy lifestyle, common sense and safety. Physical therapy differs from physical culture by the presence of a large number of constraints, although it uses the same principles:

1) the Principle of individual approach that is necessary to evaluate the functional status of the client before giving advice.

2) the Principle of consciousness and activity suggests that without conscious participation of the client in their rehabilitation to achieve good dynamics of recovery difficult.

3)the Principle of clarity suggests that information perceived to be more serious if her show. Demonstrating the need to clearly realize the success of the method.

4) the Principle of regularity and the regularity that the body needs to receive regular, systematic incentives for life and development.

5) the Principle of gradualism States that the load must be metered, allowing to adapt the organism to the previous one.

6) the Principle of cyclicity on proper distribution of mode rabotaty. Fitness come during recovery, the exercise is only a stimulus.

at least half of the principles cannot be implemented without the use of methods of psychology. Mental processes play an important role in the body and its interaction with the environment. Signals are received by the sensory systems is processed by the mind, followed by action. Action based on the totality of conscious and unconscious processes which are manifested as meanings, feelings, motives, inclinations, etc...In sickness long-term goals and meanings start to play a crucial role. Person has the motivation for a speedy recovery and maintaining health at the highest level, if he has a clear understanding of why they need him. Without fundamental understanding of why you need health, motivation to support it arises.

Mental processes tightly associated with physiological, that it would be irresponsible to neglect them. It is important to remove mental stress, which inevitably occurs during the illness. Voltage is always about the mobilization, and our goal is active recovery. Effectively contribute to the restoration of the ability to replaced mental stress with positive emotions, optimistic mood and healthy sleep.

If you are faced with the fact that you need to restore any functions by means of physical therapy, to improve the efficiency and speed of this process is to tidy up your mental state. Reflect on, or rethink their purpose and meaning, work on motivation. Study of self-regulation of their mental processes in various ways. This can be done both independently and with the help of a specialist. Most often, a specialist will be quicker and cheaper.

Fedorov Victor
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