Licensing of psychological activity


I Think long ago in the former Soviet Union, there is a time licensing of psychological activity. After all, psychologists are dealing with the human psyche and for quality work by trained professionals. And so it turns out that psychologists, desevedly now call yourself a and something tells me not all have the appropriate level of training.

In this article, I will describe their vision of this process, based on their experience and communication with various colleagues. We in the Republic of Belarus has introduced licensing in 2009. It lasted 9 years and for the second year cancelled. My opinion – licensing not worked, it seems, is not the criteria were selected to assess the professionalism. It was necessary to fulfill three conditions-three years of experience as a psychologist in a state institution, a degree in psychology and personal account. N one of these criteria did not give a guarantee of professionalism of the psychologist. And what are the criteria correct? I this article I will Express my opinion on the matter. Call psychologists and therapists to connect to the discussion of this question.

And so, undoubtedly, to start with a psychologist should be a basic psychological education or education obtained on the basis of the higher education institutes. This is confirmed by state diploma. But then, how to assess the level of training of a psychologist? I think that this assessment needs to take the psychological community. Every practicing psychologist involved in counselling, especially non-medical psychotherapy, the work is based on the theory of one or several areas of psychotherapy (psychoanalysis, Gestalt, etc.). Accordingly, he studied this approach and, as a rule, is in some of the communities, brings together psychologists, practitioners of this approach.

Take for example the Gestalt community. Each certified Gestalt therapist usually adjacent to the community in which he studied, or where she lives. For example, for teaching accreditation in the community of the Moscow Gestalt Institute, you need to have before meeting the community members you have entrusted to several professionals in the community who have seen your work below was named supervisor who is a therapist supervision and personal psychology. Therefore, the community ensures that the therapist has the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to efficiently carry out psychotherapy or counseling. And those people who will vouch for a new member of the community are also responsible for of whom to endorse. Thus, we can say that the community won't be random, unprofessional psychologists. This community gives permission to practice a psychologist or therapist, taking responsibility for the professionalism of the latter. In the case of controversial issues a community can give their assessment of the work of a psychologist or therapist.

Think the same way undereducated psychologists are not qualified will not receive permission to work in this field, from what clearly will benefit the quality of the provision of psychological services.

Assume that here too not all so is simple. It is possible that not all the directions of rendering psychological services have their own community in post-Soviet countries. But I suppose that this issue is resolved. For example, in the Republic of Belarus is the Belarusian Association of psychotherapists, the Belarusian society of psychologists. Most importantly, to consumers of psychological services need to be sure – they go for a specialist that provides quality services.

I would Like to hear the opinion of colleagues and not only on this issue.

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