There is a certain category of customers who really want to contribute to the consultation, magic rituals and esoteric attributes.

these are the people for whom it's easier to believe the fortune-tellers and magicians, than to themselves.

of Course, they understand the difference between a psychologist and wizards. And yet, somewhere deep down, they really want to shift to us the responsibility for their positive change in life or lack thereof.

About the same these people are doctors.

once, while in the acute phase of cancer, I was often on the "cancer" forums. After some time the fellowship there I began to irritate.Along with constructive information that someone gives a gift of drugs or shares the algorithm for obtaining quotas for treatment, there is cool people, spreading the "wonder drugs", many of whom, according to these pseudaletia, "in any case not to be combined with traditional medicine!"

Desperate patients decide to throw a heavy radiation and chemotherapy, and to engage in "alternative treatment."

it is Clear that the outcome of this "treatment" may end tragically, lost valuable time!

And yet, a huge number of people continue to believe sacred healers without medical training, more than the people who have received appropriate training.

I sincerely think that the latest Trinity, having studied in medical school for six years or more, it is much less dangerous than traditional healers who do not know the basic foundations of anatomy and physiology!

a friend of mine, with higher technical education, years of visits homeopaths and osteopaths, without checking whether they have basic medical education.

don't be surprised! A "doctor" to these areas, do not even have medical education! And people believe them!

In our country the people are special. Paganism and the belief in magic, many of our compatriots in the blood. So it is, and so it will be a long, long time.

that's why I try not too irritated at the request of some clients to "tell fortunes", and patiently explain the difference between the policy's prediction and projective methods, or between magical ritual and the collective unconscious.

And still, such people demand it!

To harmless attributes are, even with some sympathy.

candles of love, as part of the interior. They create a warm and trusting atmosphere. Working in the office, I often use exercises with mirrors.

recently conducted an experiment combining coaching Life Balance Wheel with spiritualism.

it Turned out, quite a interesting projective technique!

Many of you tried to guess on a saucer in his youth. I think you already suspected that saucer "goes" in a circle with the alphabet, when someone leads! Moreover, anyone who drives, may not give this report!

When client, tending to mysticism, it is difficult to determine the scope of the request, or it has difficulty selection, you can do so:

  1. Circle a round tray or large dish on the sheet of paper.
  2. Split the circle into sectors balance. You can just write the options like this: "to buy a house, build a house, to invest in new construction, to leave things as they are until better times" etc.
  3. Take the "Ouija" saucer and hold it over the candle (the laws of physics, in the heated state it will be easier to move)
  4. to Draw, as in divination, and the saucer arrow.
  5. Put the saucer on a large circle
  6. Next, the therapist and the client is placed on his palm.
  7. Then comes the fun part! Client who, for whatever reason, refuses to decide intuitively "lead" the plate to the sector.
  8. Important: say at the end of the "session" that is responsible for the correctness of the choice, after all, the man himself, and he is the master of your life!

P.S. No magic − the usual sleight of hand and projection of the client!

Natalia Filimonova
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