life cannot be postponed


From September 2018, I plan to lead a psychotherapy group for people affected by addiction (their own or a loved one). Here are my thoughts on the future of the group.

" life cannot be postponed."

Addiction is an insidious condition which consumes one completely. Alone difficult to cope, recover is a long process. When you visit a therapeutic group, then it is easier. Because you can observe the experience of other people, to get specific help and support professionals to become savvy on the level of knowledge, acquires new skills. For the decision to visit a group you will need courage, desire, perseverance. To be able not to look guilty, discard the junk and to come. Because life cannot be postponed.

To whom this group:
This group is for adults with various types of addiction (alcohol, drugs, relationships, gambling, food, sex, work) and people in dealing with them. The group membership may be useful for anyone interested in the psychology of dependency, psychotherapy and myself.

why the need For such a group:
participation in the group will help you to change dependent way of thinking. To find an algorithm, a way to efficiently live in reality. Find the courage to explore difficult issues and receive professional psychological support. To grow in sobriety. To explore the prevention of breakdown, equipment personal safety. In the process of this work, the human changes the attitude to spark the interest of life, have the strength to get up and go.
Addiction is a problem for the entire family and the recovery depends not only on its own efforts but also from the behavior of loved ones. A group visit will contribute to the healing process of the family as a whole. That is why this group is not only focused on people with addiction, but those who are close to addicted.

what will work:
Lowered self-esteem. Conflict. The inability to say "no." The feeling of emptiness in life. The disappointment in yourself. The lack of strength. Anxiety. Obsessive thoughts. Feelings of guilt and shame. Depression. The formation of understanding of dependencies.

What will happen to the group?
Group consists of two areas: psychotherapeutic and information.

information direction: This means that the process group I will provide for you complete and accurate information about what, how and why it happens with addicted and codependent person.
I will try to tell about these important issues in a simple and interesting way. Also, I will prepare information and requests from members of the group.
Information I joined in small blocks, so the project can be activated at any time.
also there is printed information: recommendations, list of literature, excerpts from articles about codependency, the rules for self-defense in crisis, addresses rehabilitation, helplines.

psychotherapeutic direction: We will meditate, explore your reactions, feelings and experiences, to become closer acquainted with him, to play a difficult life situation, to participate in a special psychotherapeutic exercises to experiment and learn to understand themselves in this interaction.

My relationship to the client:
I believe that every person can change their life for the better. Effective psychotherapy, support and belief in the best qualities of a person to help him to adjust and live a full life. The philosophy of my work, in particular, is to respect the customer, care. to his feelings.

How will meet:
This group is a regular long term project. Each participant will be able to undergo group therapy as much time as they require to solve their problems.
Group assume weekly on Fridays at 18.00. The meeting will last 3 hours with a break for tea. The number of participants to 8 people.

Eugene Kryuchkov
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