Sometimes,people enter into a relationship and become a couple.And sometimes doing it "because it happened" or "not to be alone" or overwhelmed and all of a sudden you look,and you're already in the apron with the ladle leg rests was a nice kid and at the end of the phone a nervous husband,and sometimes because I really saw, understood, consciously chosen way with a certain person,because love is not only about feelings but also about the decision that "in sorrow and in joy".

What will help love to be and continue between the two,let's talk......

care about how to make your man feel good
learn or at least ask the real deep feelings of those who are next
the ability to not judge on individual situations.
the possibility of shared pleasure,to have fun separate activities of the other(this is a very good vzaimostsepljaemost adult position)
even when anger does not change the internal relationships to other
knowledge! What do you love the other person and understand what he is
I would like to emphasize.Important!To another knew that his partner loves and the feeling is stable and has a constant basis,but there are other social circles..
the ability to understand the dependence on yourself and give yourself the opportunity to be dependent on another .
mutual respect for individual decision-making .
in a Mature relationship there is no love of conflict of the power struggle
What really matters in paired relationship is to have a deep belief in the good intentions against each other.
And, by definition, acting Kernberg which I had the privilege to learn, the task is this:" have a joyful quality of life", which is something we even want to agree.But that's not all.It is clear that there is no unclouded relations ,and not only within pairs,but also in the interactions in pair with others.And what can help keep internal the good weather
have strong boundaries the pair
the right to privacy couples
the opportunity to make a front member of the family
relationship intimacy in a couple is more important than relationships with parents.
tolerance to its limits, and other
And will talk about what protects a couple:
mutual sense of responsibility
common values
awareness of stress and time lags
And Otto Kernberg says that a well-functioning couple-a social revolution two!
Being in such a pair-grace and this will generate feelings of satisfaction in the relationship.

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