"Love itself is the only romance that lasts a lifetime". Oscar Wilde

Many of my friends behind my back and occasionally in the eye and said that I love myself too, a sort of selfish. I thought I was good enough about yourself. What does this mean, according to them, I love expensive things(clothes,shoes), preferably one or two, but high quality, than a hundred pieces of mass brand. I love cosmetics luxury apartment, if removable, it is modern and not "grandma's option." But I can also relive staunchly uncomfortable conditions (not for long) and not always with the money I have used exactly the so I had to pick up things and cosmetics through their income. The woman is very adaptable creature, do not know good or bad, but I can survive in any situation. But now it's not about that.

Not long ago I caught myself that when I buy things and just gifts for their loved ones, I do it with pleasure, without any if, then after purchase. But when there is a dilemma - to buy or, for example, the grandson of the head "swells" and make the decision can be difficult. And if it leaned toward "buy", after you can "tear" - it may not have, would be better spent on another, and similar torments. And when I get caught up in it, I realized that I'm not too fond of myself. And anyway, what is LOVING YOURSELF? Well it's not just to indulge ourselves with good shopping, it's something else. And it is certainly not narcissism.

the mentality of the majority of our women, those who and a horse at full gallop, arranged so - first, children, husband, family, and then ask yourself if something will remain. It is not a mere inference, this observation of themselves, their family, friends, girlfriends and just friends, and accidentally peeped and eavesdropped on conversations in transport and in stores.

So what is it to LOVE YOURSELF? I paused, listened to himself and began to remember how this happened I have:

1. This is when I learned to say the magic word "no" when I mentioned personal boundaries and learned to protect.

2. This is when I began consciously to thank myself for everything I do.

3. This is when I began to take all its shadow qualities, to accept yourself with all pros and cons.

4. This is when I started to tell myself STOP when you want to criticize, criticize and, in particular, feel sorry for myself neschastnyy).

5. This is when I realized the causation of all that is happening in my life, took responsibility.

6. This is when I realized that first of all myself and there is no selfishness, only common sense, then the relationship with a man, then relationships with family, and then in any order - friends, work,business, people,the universe, etc.

Perhaps you, my dear readers, I will add from myself the points, I'll leave it at that. Frankly, that is not all I have worked out 100%, there are still rough spots, there is work to do. The most important thing I realized is that a woman can bring happiness to their loved ones and all around you only when she will become happy. After all, a woman comes into this world to make it beautiful in every sense of the word. Let's not forget about this!

Smile, "bearded" anecdote on this subject:

there Lived a poor Jewish family. There were many children and little money.
Poor mother worked very hard – cooking, washing, and screamed, handing out cuffs and loudly complained about life.
Finally, exhausted, went for advice to the Rabbi: becoming a good mother?
Left him brooding. Since it as a substitute. There is no money in the family has not increased. And children were not obedient. But now the mother did not scold them,and her face went friendly smile.
Once a week she would go to the market and back, all night, locked in the room.
Children was curious. Once they broke the rules and looked to mom.
She sat at the table and drank tea ...with sweet tsimes!
"Mom, what are you doing? And how are we?" angrily cried the children.
"Sha, children! – it is important she said. I make you happy Mama!"

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