Like in a marriage becoming unhappy


Be miserable in marriage - is not easy. You need to have patience and endurance.

the First thing to do is never to talk about their needs.
something like this, you have come to the restaurant, once you make arrogant and angry face and say you don't want. This also applies to hypermarkets, shopping centers and other places where your husband can spend you money.
the feelings do not say.
Remember that any attempt of the husband to find out what happened, the answer is: "Nothing!" Necessarily heavy and loud sigh. Very well, if in the eyes there will be tears, but not cry, save the tears, still useful to lament his miserable life.
Never take the initiative in sex. This is very important. Never! Remember? If the husband asks, answer proudly: "Because!" Not enough yet to be humiliated about sex first to speak.
he initiative. Agree reluctantly. And be sure to manipulate with sex. Punish failure. Guessed why you sighed all night? All! Not having sex!
be Sure to convince her husband that he did not know how, he did not trust neither to choose a cheese in the store; no kid to dress, and in the bathroom it will drop, will flood the ears, eyes. Do not let your child have fun laughing when his dad bathes. Falling from fatigue, do it yourself. And then you can cry.
Sure phoscorites with his mother. No, not right! Not with my mother-in-law. This woman is now forever in-law. Mother is only one, yours.
it is Very important to motivate the husband to earn more. For this he constantly need to talk about those who have a new car, cottage, apartment, dog and parrot road. Tell need exactly in the moment when the husband returned home late at night from work, towards the end of the week. So more effective.

of Course, all these tips for beginners.

Experienced unhappy married women from marrying those about whom they say: "Here is getting married - will change, become responsible, trudolubia, attentive and caring and will stop drinking". Very well to marry those who have debts, problems with the law, registration, housing, and ex-wives. The most promising in this respect those who choose to prove the former, he's fine.

Other men without bad habits and problems that are attentive and caring, even considered not worth it.

I Hope that with some effort, you can do it.

Lydia Shumyna
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