bibliography by child psychology

Ekaterina Murashova

"Your strange child."

"to love or to educate?"

"to Heal or to love?"

"we All come from childhood"

"Kids "Mattresses" and children - "catastrophe" (the issue of hyperactivity!!!!)

Who is not familiar with this author, you have to read.

EDA Leshan
"How to stop worrying and become the best parents in the world"
" Ledger parents who wish their children to happiness"
"the Secrets of parenting"
"When your child drives you crazy"

Y. B. Gippenreiter

"Communicate with the child. How?"
"we Continue to communicate with the child. So?"

"Parents: how to be a kid."

Zaryan and Nina Nekrasov

"Grow up to teenager. What happens to children from 9 to 16 years"
"let's Do without whims"
"Stop trying to educate children, help them grow"
"What if..."
"You learn, and we will help."

Alla Barkan

"the Bad habits of good children"
"How to raise a child"
"the Ultra-modern child"

"Ordinary family wars or how we create problems for their children" (the book includes examples of life stories of clients).

Anatoly Nekrasov
"mother's love"

Galina Tymoshenko, Olena Leonenko

"Childhood 100%"
or the same book but under a different name "How to deal with a child to grow up happy and to stay happy communicating with him."

Eugene Lepesova
"How to avoid the parental mistakes"
"I go to school."

T. L. Chernova
"the Advice of a child psychologist."

Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish
"Book # 6 about children"
"How to talk to kids so they can learn"
"How to speak that children listened and how to listen that children spoke"
"How to talk to teenagers listening and how to listen Teens talking."

Gerald Newmark
"How to raise emotionally healthy children."

Lyudmila Petranovskaya

"the secret base:attachment in a child's life"(developmental stages and their characteristics, the book is in my opinion worthy of what would be required).

12. T. L. Shishova
"Tips for parents"

Marina Aromshtam

"How to solve the problems of education without losing heart" (describes a lot of actual problems and their causes)

E. Y. Novichenkova

"the Crisis of childhood"

Khorsand Diana

"Read your child like a book. Age crises from birth to six years."

A. Lugovskaya, O. Shevnina
"Let's be friends"
"disobedience Holiday"
"If your child..."

Anna Kravtsova
"Mom, get! That actually asks a child"

S. S. Stepanov

"the Normal problems of a normal child."

Alex Karpov
"You know how to study well."

Elena Pervushina
"to Survive in the elementary school. How?"
"Progress without problems."

A. E. Sobolev, E. N. Emel
"School overload. How to help your child."

V. V. Sorokina
"Psychological distress of children in elementary school."

T. B. A.
"Your child goes to school."

Lugovskaya, A., Kravtsov M., Shevnina About.
"I Want to school?"

Y. B. Gippenreiter

"How to study with interest."

Lydia Goryachev, Lev Kruglyak

"the Hyperactive child is forever?"

Ross V. Greene

"the Explosive child".

Child & adolescent psychologist: Belyaeva Lyudmila

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