I all the time listen. All around, and I like the silence. You even can't imagine how.
My boss is much younger than me, I don't understand, how could allow his parents to such humiliation, that now that child constantly wants to talk about. Rather not to say so much to be heard. He always wants to be listened. br>
- You ask who am I? No, I'm not a psychologist like you and not a therapist, I'm the Manager.
In my obedience more than 100 people. And they all listen to me, or rather my instructions.
My goal is to do so that worked for other people. But my CEO thinks differently. He comes and endlessly tells itself. br>
- Why to yourself? Because he was not interested in my opinion and in General opinion. We listened to him and nodded.
I took it for one year, but apparently not anymore. br>
do You think this is the only man in my life who wanted to be listened? No, I still have a husband. It is absolutely different. He's a temperamental star.
Yes, he's the star, he makes a lot of jokes and endlessly talking. For that I love him, but why he says all the time? br>
I Write you because I don't understand why me about these men?
I was given to them or they to me?
- You ask, what does it matter? the
Most that neither is direct.
Because I always thought it was my punishment. And perhaps, it is the reward.
I award you know? br>
- of Course, they're paying me. They both give me what I need. Someone love, someone with money. But I'm not hired to them by the listener, in the end. br>
- You ask, and who was hired?
what actually the person I hired?
To one Manager and another wife. br>
- are You hinting me that you want to change the status? Don't tell that to the listener.
You don't say anything?
Yes, I hear what you say.
But if I change my status, then I will no longer suffer. Then I can't annoy them talk, because I'm originally built for it. I'm a listener and they pay me for it. br>
- Why do you ask that I don't want to get rid of suffering? I told you this and asked.
hold on my mind too clear I do it. br>
- No, you no longer will be able to help me, thank you.
I finally seem to understand the phrase:
- "If can't change the situation, change your attitude".

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