They met, he wanted to be together and decided to trust. 

For him the confidence — when it no secrets from each other. 

her confidence — when it no secrets from each other. 


 He said over his shoulder looks into her phone. She frowns and turns away. Now frowning he said: “Hide - don't trust them”. 

She said: “Look - don't trust them”. 

Who is to blame and what to do? 

 don't know. Them to understand. I can only offer my point of view and explain it. 

 Reading of correspondence, letters, diaries — it's not about trust, but check. To-veroia where I believe the word of his partner, his promise not to cheat. The value of confidence, in my opinion, is to leave each other the right to privacy. 

 But what about no secrets? 

the Secret of the secret hatred. There is a secret about privacy. But there is a secret about cheating. Cheating really destroys relationships. Privacy supports them. The lack of nudity does not mean the presence of a lie, right? 

 Confidence — is respect of privacy. And if the trust does not work, then reading other people's correspondence it is not treated. It is treated causally. Better psychotherapy do not know anything yet. This does not mean that you blind naive idiot. You just learn to understand about the boundaries of their, and other, begin to see the reality and not your own nightmares. 

 by the Way, about the boundaries. In one conversation your partner is not only your partner. The people with whom he communicates hardly gave you permission to invade. There is something that you simply not concerned, even when that “nothing”. What about you - discuss with a partner. Don't know how to discuss — learn. 

 And, perhaps most importantly. If private life is an open book, if thoughts are already born with the knowledge that they will certainly see many things as if to say....would prefer not to be born at all. We're still left with the need for isolation and somehow we're going to meet her. 

If I know that read my diary, then over time what I write in there will dry out and will presnet. My correspondence with people will turn into conversations about the weather, my story of Internet search will not reflect all that me really interested.

My real will remain thoughts, unexpressed feelings. It will accumulate, to wander inside of me, I don't know how to Express it. Perhaps I generally prefer not to think about important things. I will split the storefront and basement. And those in need of a valuable and trust in me simply will not. 

 is My privacy will be respected before the contact phase. Read my, look at me, but you still won't see more than I was really ready to show. Not out of secrecy, not out of deception but out of a desire to save themselves. And once you know it, we'll have a chance.

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