the Theme is broader and close to each person, so that its essence will reveal all the secrets. But that was how I found my wife!

Format of online Dating has a number of advantages although, so far there is no really simple and sensible service. I am going to get.)

Immediately will cut off the second reading of the long-distance relationship - when people are already a couple and are leaving for financial or family reasons. To work, to care for sick older relatives and stuff.

This is bad and forced option is to go in any case, since life is time, it is impossible to lose in resorting to. Much better to figure out how to make money, including the cost of nursing nurse, for example. But that's a separate issue.

Now note the well-known drawbacks of online Dating in terms of “come out even on the street”, “I have forgotten how to communicate with human beings” and “too shy to approach a girl”. It's all clear. We're about something else. So, the advantages of online Dating:

- great Internet expands the selection. How many people we meet during a normal day of life in sight and reach? 200. How many of them are of the opposite sex? 100. How many new, at the right age, the right appearance? 3-5, no more. And in their infinite number, from with photos, interests and other useful information between the lines.

- Online not so shy. You can be simpler and more direct, open, faster.

- Most importantly: you fall in love with the image of man, not in your feelings after sex, which can block all the light )) But the image in pixels and letters. br>
So on must all hard to check. Not a date, a job interview!

Now, let's say you found an interesting person, which was interesting, too. What to do to not spend time in vain for illusion and frustration? How to proceed to form a serious relationship?

1) Stress: to test himself and of his mercy. Lay all the truth. To take the risk. True love is not a flower, requiring careful watering and care, Oh no. That's a Sequoia, which is more than both of you 1000 times. That's the only way and no compromise! The Protocol of this test, you can read in my article “How to distinguish his from someone else?”

2) don't be afraid of pain and risk. First, it is nothing compared to years of suffering in the pink glasses that changes the color to brown. Secondly, I don't care if you do yours. So declares. Trust and trust. Share with everyone. Ask the same. Get ready to become his wife, sister, daughter, mother and friend. Conversely, a husband, brother, son, father and friend. Just so.

3) Luck needs to be very strong from the beginning. Anyway, from the beginning of the relationship moved from friendly to romantic. Send each other intimate pictures, tear-aim, weep and laugh, make an offer, dream about the house and the children. At full!

4) For 4 months maximum, all must be decided. And during that time it's time to meet anyway. If he does not have this money, why does man then do? Do not expect that it will grow and change! Yes, if it's genuine, and you have a positive scenario, you make each other king and Queen. But arrange a meeting he should want and crave, so much as digging a hoof the ground, drooling. If not - turn it down!

it has to be this: IT's MINE! And to the point. No doubt about it. When you come, you will learn and not go wrong, believe me.

And many people have the illusion about “affordable” and “mysterious”. No time to pretend to seem. You just need to be. Because you live together.

With accessibility it's simple: you are far away and inaccessible, the tense waiting tone is provided ) But the mystery…

If you want to make a beautiful expectation and then be disappointed by reality, then go ahead according to the classical scheme. And if you want to arrange a happy life for a long time, preferably forever, should be open, accessible and understandable. So the man calmly. Man wants pleasure, peace and inspiration. Peace trust is very important!

Be clear, Express all the way:
- I feel / don't feel
I want / do not want
- I think / don't think
I do / not do

All a mystery let it come forward, WHAT exactly, when and how you want. Here let it be a surprise. For example, I have no idea how many, where and what you want to eat for lunch my wife. It is always a surprise, like when and where to go, what movie to watch )

Or she wants the dress, I her looking in shop Windows, passing by. And now not wants a dress - want the shoes. Or ice-cream. Or chips )) As a child favorite ) Here and spoil her, it's nice and mysterious, and she's happy )

But I always know exactly what her mood, what he wants, what he fears, how he feels. There's no games, just the naked truth. It really makes life easier because it removed the extra useless complexity comes amestana simplicity and clarity. br>
Love, like friendship, is trust. So there is a pleasant lightness.

Build relationships so right from the start is much easier online than physically. Because there is no sex and only about it. And there is pause for replies. You can have time to think, and not mindlessly programmed to give a cliché response. You can do differently in the mind. And you can have time to both get used to it.

So feel free to try to meet people online disclose educates, strive and love. Meet live and amazed how accurately you pictured it, unless, of course, unfolded and studied ) And do not leave any more for what. To be together is the goal of the relationship.

Love you!

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