Looking for a good psychologist? Important criteria in the evaluation of a specialist.

In a previous article, “I was looking for the perfect psychologist» I described my very first negative experience of the search specialist later, there were other, I was looking for more than a year, and finally found. It is not easy - how to meet the man of your dreams or a good job. Why the choice should be approached seriously? Because that person you tell what is not shared even with the closest person, something that even yourself may not be admitted. This person will see all your feelings as they are, fears and doubts. Do you trust him – of course. For me it was not an easy task, I do not like to feel naked and vulnerable.

Focusing only on the experience rating in social networks and the cost, I stuffed a lot of cones – do not repeat my mistakes. I want to share with you a simple search algorithm and criteria by which you should evaluate specialist.

Main steps:1. Determine for yourself the value. As a rule, to solve, an average of ten sessions, once a week. Here and calculate how much you are willing to spend for your psychological well-being two and a half months. A little more about the cost of services – specialist who takes for their services significantly above average cost – is not always a good professional, and most importantly – not the fact that it's right for you. If the psychologist does does not take money or takes a very nominal amount, and even the reception is in a Park or a café – keep in mind, it may be very talented, but young specialist you will practice. Serious problems (violence, panic attacks, preddepressivnye status, dependencies) to a specialist would not advise to go.

2. Examine the profile of the psychologist in social networks. Explain why this is necessary. If you are a rabid atheist, and your chosen psychologist – a truly religious person, most likely, at some stage it may interfere with the process of psychotherapy. I walked myself through the sieve of values of the therapist – it hurts, believe me. Very large differences in the values and worldview – not very conducive to the process.

3. Now you have chosen a few potential candidates what to do next? In any case, do not register via the online form without a call. Describe your problem over the phone ready specialist to work with you, it's nice if you communicate with him?

4. to Make a final decision only after the first session. The criteria are simple: how much do you with a person comfortable, if you could open up to him, were you able to see after talking with him the light out of the dark tunnel of their problems.

let us Turn to the criteria by which I evaluate the expert:1. Openness, real emotions and feelings.

2. Sincere interest not only in the potential customer, but in people in General.

3. Awareness of their duty, and the ability to come to the rescue in a critical situation even in the uncomfortable time.

4. Absence of categorical judgments (this is a sign of wisdom and tolerance).

5. Sense of humor and a high emotional background. Of course the psychologist is also a man, but if he is often sad, his vacation time to her shrink.

Friends these are all important things of course, but the most important criterion – your feelings, it is important to meet not just a good psychologist, namely «their» when this happens, you will feel the heart.

With love, Maria Rodionova

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