lose weight with a psychologist


the Problem of excess weight and lose weight I know not by hearsay.

I was born in a family where there was always a cult of food, this means eat a lot and not at all helpful! Of course all this was reflected in the shape, health, self-esteem, perception of themselves and the circle. For my mom and grandparents I was the most beautiful and cute at any weight and had a million excuses for my excess weight (bone is wide, teenager and hormonal disruptions, grow, etc.)
up To a certain period of my life I all of this came up and I happily or not, but lived. After school, I immediately enrolled in the University social circle changed and I realized that something is wrong and the couple to change everything. Starting from the 2nd year I went to a psychologist and started working on myself, it was a start, my understanding and perception of myself changed and from work over the thoughts I went to work on the body. I have tried all kinds of dieting, endless workouts and massages, wraps, etc. Had spent a huge amount of money. It is clear that having made a lot of mistakes and stuffed the cones in this business for 22 years I understand how to lose weight, how to keep the weight and now can talk about it through the prism of his rather large experience. Now my weight is stable for 5 years, live a full, rich, eventful life. I love myself, my body and my attitude to life.
To understand the difference: when I was in 11th grade, my weight was 97 kg and I put obesity 3 degrees, I had a million health problems (high blood pressure, heart trouble and kidney problems, sore joints), now I'm 26 years old, height 167 cm and I weigh 61 kg and I absolutely feel I'm perfect health.
In practice I see that to overcome this way of losing weight very difficult. Often with it only 2% of losing weight, because the way is long, complex and you're always alone. If you choose to walk this path with a psychologist, then you always have support and understanding.
most Often, other than discipline, will power, need to understand the psychological causes of excess weight. You need to understand that you "seize". You can lose weight indefinitely without understanding yourself, but the result will not be long and the weight will come back.
not all psychological causes the person is able to realize himself:
- the promptings of parents, who sit deep in the subconscious;
- a secondary benefit;
- protective shell from the vicinity;
- identification or contidential with a significant person from the past and other important causes that not you find yourself not understand.
And thus, you will expend energy to keep the journals going to the gym, BUT again and again in your excess weight, and even worse to increase it.
Decide to work with a psychologist and your result will be real and long-term, as you commence with the Foundation.
To solve the problem of excess weight often need just 5 - 10 consultations, which include :
study the reasons, development of a plan of diet and training, support and out of trouble conditions, ongoing support during weight loss.
I'd be happy to help you to walk this path!

Yulia Murashova
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