there once was a man (called Sasha), was doing what he wanted.
there lived a woman (let it be Mary). Also did what she liked.
Everyone was in their happy.
And it so happened that they met and fell in love with each other.
They wanted never to leave.

Played a magnificent wedding and began to live together.
Fortunately there was no end...on my honeymoon.
And then began to appear a quarrel
- you're going toothbrush put,
- again, the dishes in the sink, how many times must I repeat...

what do you think happened?
And the following happened.
each party has their own habits, values, and beliefs.
Good if they match. Only it happens rarely. Often do not match.
Well, this is understandable-after all, brought up in different families, and therefore experience different.

everything else and temperament, different character for everyone.
Let's imagine that she is an extrovert, sanguine. Cheerful, energetic, she is interested in everything. Such a funny person-child. That she was attracted to Sasha.
at Home she is bored, need entertainment.
And he is an introvert, phlegmatic. To get him somewhere problematic. Very serious, responsible, a good host...
And starts every pull "blanket" in the party.
Sasha wants to remake it for themselves (we're so good together, let's watch some TV), and Maria (Sasha, let's go to a nightclub).
In the course are even manipulation:
"my mother Told me"
"You only need money from me"
And it seems that love is not gone.

In the consultations together with clients untangle "tangle" of contradictions, misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, resentment...
And returned.
She didn't just crushed it.
unfortunately, not always it goes the other way.
some couples don't have the patience to unravel, and they quit work.
And there were a couple who turned too late. They have in fact the love is gone. And both realized that they are already happy in other ways.
Psychological couples counseling is often a long process and not always pleasant.
If you want result, then tune in to some serious work.
Sometimes I also offer individual consultations to help deal with personal problems.
As always, ready to answer your questions.

Nina Borisovna
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