really is to say about love is annoying, especially when no concrete action. There are two options - either feelings from the lack of fulfilment are driven inside, and even more bloom there's a lush color. Or from a misunderstanding of love gradually turn gray, turn pale, as if erased from life, from memory, it is not very relevant to the present day.

Take a bag with comfortable handles, to go shopping, on the way to look at the flying cloud and not think about love, time to crush this feeling. To pay at the checkout, put in packets bread, apples, dumplings, and not to move, not to think... It was better to let the thoughts spread on the tree, as before, and so it is possible to technotica - not to mention the love and like about her without thinking.

Or simply to conclude a kind of Pact with myself: Yes, I confess, I confess - I love it! But to translate this recognition in the area of spiritual intimacy, will to communicate with his sense alone. Moreover, the object of love is somehow just moved in space, or just does not want to hear my speaking.

Often should take a break everywhere: in words, in actions, in dreams. Especially in Intrusive thoughts. Be simple to understand - they report to the partner now, unproductive, and perhaps not just now. Without any of Napoleon's plans - to take note of your Odinochestvo, walk the streets for a reason, and no steam from it. To live in the Bay today, spending an hour, twenty minutes at a table with a white tablecloth and a saving Cup of coffee.

What's the use in General broadcast of his love? What good is love? And what is the use of permanent self-delusion in a slow misconception about partner? You are not mistaken with regard to himself in the world - at least it can say to try to defend his position, and the right to an opinion, feelings or the lack thereof.

therefore, take up a cloak, wrapped neck new silk handkerchief, and go away from his jealousy, nedolyublennosti, reticence and loneliness. Shut up, at least for a time, "like the Nightingale had sung, and I do not sing".


 Illustrations  artist chelin Sanjuan Piquero.

 © Angelica Bogdanova, 2019. All rights reserved.

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