the Story, based on real events. The therapy is finished. The names of characters changed.

I really like the idea that all our experiences are not about the events. And about how these events apply.

One situation can generate so many opinions (ie, fears, complexes, worries), but in this situation of the participants.

And, perhaps, family relationships – the most vivid example.

My work with Irina began almost two years ago, right after her wedding.

my husband and beauty of the suburbs met in Sochi, in the children's recreation camp where her PED.the squad was on the distribution. Glory (originally from a wonderful area of Mordovia) worked there as a DJ.

Love at first sight, three months side by side under the southern sky, sleepless nights on guard the rest of the pioneers... and at the end of the third shift of our beloved decided to live happily ever after and die in one day. Another year was required to Irina, a diploma in Moscow, Slava got a real job in Saransk. Lived in two cities.

- You know, Allen, it was so romantic, all these texts, our passionate conversation about how we miss and cannot live without each other, the long-awaited meeting 2 times a month, midnight conversations over Skype, - Irina enthusiastically gesticulates, her eyes are glowing, she sits on the couch, but her whole figure goes up, I think she is gonna fly.

"And then," continues the client - then everything changed because I got pregnant.

Her silhouette instantly changed, the body shrank and became a half times less. The corners of her mouth dropped, eyes went out.

please tell me what has changed after the news. Irina first long silence, and then we very carefully begin to examine what in this situation it's so incredibly disturbing.

She begins to remember.

the First reaction of the mother, Irina's tears. Then the shouts and reproaches.

"do You realize that his life is ruined?! Go to the middle of nowhere, getting pregnant by a student from the province going? Your career to do it! And groom in Moscow to look for! Are you?!".

- what is it? - I ask.

Irina even more pressed into the chair.

- Like my mother in something failed. She was expecting me out some scope, and I couldn't handle.

the Mother insisted on the abortion. Rogala. And cried. And asked to feel sorry for "her poor heart." And then, seeing the determination of her daughter, pulled away: "That's your choice. And the responsibility is yours. Me more to help you nothing."

the Mother of Glory the opposite – delighted.

"Finally, the grandchildren came. I Slavik almost 40 gave birth. What is the age for diapers? There really is retirement time to assemble – no health, no strength. And you young parents will be, at the feet of your baby easily put. Yes, and with me finally home there will be someone to talk to, to amuse me."

I watch as klinda cites his mother-in-law, quietly and confidently. ... And after these words the light in her eyes quite tusnel.

- Well, this is for you what?

- Alen, it is because the baby takes me. She is constantly unwell, she constantly needs to have someone was. Her Glory could not use triple, a couple of months go by and she begins to call: "Come and die." And he had the wild Lily to stay in the same apartment with his mother to live. And now to "entertain" it should be me.

You know, I listen to you now, and hear only your mother and mother-in-law. How are you to this situation?

Irina as if from a dream awoke. Stiff posture crumbled, the girl stretched. Corrected the folds on the wide dress to give birth almost 3 months.

- I? I must be happy... – she said and continued, as if gaining momentum and returning the body to its former size and energy of life - the husband loves me. Baby we our really looking forward to. We rented an apartment and just bought our first. Not without scandals have, of course, but it's my pregnant hormones (laughs). I also like to walk around your city – it is very comfortable and the clubs for young mothers is.

Before the birth of my daughter Irina has consulted every week, worked through the insult to the mother and explored the issues of borders in-law. Watched as their aligned relationship with her husband and becomes greater awareness that now her life is.

the Emergence of a new family is a unique phenomenon. And sometimes (when soon it is planned the birth of a child) is rapid and spontaneous. New roles, new functions, new duties and new responsibilities.

With all that to interact and get along is a skill not easy. But to learn to understand and accept another's point of view, without prejudice to their own freedom and interests – the process is very real. If you have a goal – a healthy and happy family.

Bushueva Alena
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