Love and hate in the relationship can go in step to each other.

Sometimes we can experience hatred to the person, if we sincerely wish his love!

in such moments we wonder, "How can I feel immediately and the love and hatred of a loved one?; Is it normal to experience such feelings?"

In this article we won't talk about the norm! I have not seen even a single source that could reasonably describe the signs provisions of the senses for loving hearts!

the Harmony and consistency of the senses is the ideal towards which every person! But not always our attitude can be painted only in positive or only in negative. We live in a changing environment, and our emotional background as "boiler shaker" mixes the positive and negative feelings.

an Ambivalent attitude to anything: object, person, phenomenon is called AMBIVALENCE.

anyone who has ever faced with the ambivalence, it is important to her understanding.

For this You need to determine what kind of ambivalence in relationships You have experienced:

  • Temporary/situational.

Occurs in communicating with the people with whom You have established a good relationship. From their presence in Your life You feel for him the tenderness, love, joy. But from time to time, for various reasons, they can cause you hatred and the desire to escape from contact.

  • Long.

Also occurs in communicating with the people with whom You have established a good relationship. In this case, you know You love, but for a long time hate. The hatred felt throughout the entire time of Your interaction with the person that not allows to save the contact.

  • Causal.

the Emergence of ambivalent feelings was preceded by an event (the cause). Then you should understand it, not to allow hatred to take a leadership position.

  • Reason.

there were no signs of the emergence of ambivalent feelings toward this person. External reasons do not exist or you are not ready to accept them. You may experience internal conflict, faced with a new stage of relations, have changed their values and views etc.

the fundamental error of someone who was faced with the ambivalence - the desire to find a quick solution and keep your feelings to "Just love" or "I hate it!".

the most Important thing in this situation is to first accept their feelings, to identify and analyze the cause of internal contradictions and achieve peace of mind. It is important to let your own feelings to exist in harmony with You.

to Deal with this alone is not always easy, so don't hesitate to seek help from a specialist who will guide You on your journey of knowledge!

Be happy!

Your psychologist Alexander Shoshina!

Shoshina Alexander
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