Love fears, or why go to the "grandmother" easier.


Why my with Tatya under a strange name? Because encountered in his life and practice with this problem. I hear a lot among people and clients as they resort to love magic and love spells. As simple to take and go to the magician, the fortuneteller, "grandmother" to be happy. But it turns out all the contrary. In search of the magic pill, the problem is not solved. Enchanted person ceases to hold, annoying, frustrating, many people drink too much, become limp. But it's not about the consequences. And about why people are forced to turn to such services, instead of coming to psihologu and to understand yourself. 
such solutions people resort only because of their fears. From my own personal fears!!!
📌 Low self-esteem: "His partner I think is beautiful(oops) and I'm afraid that someone will take it and go", "I consider myself not very attractive (th), smart (Oh), young (oops), and there are so many attractive, ... " Sorry, but Your partner is not a calf on a leash. He gives an account of his actions,what he does and what doesn't. Your partner is responsible for their actions responsibility.
📌 Fear of poverty, poor (less comfortable) living conditions, inability to survive and provide elementary, lack of work as such. Bias in relation to money, possessions, material things. "My partner is successful in career, our family doesn't need anything, he (she) earns good money, and I'm scared to lose all", "If he (she) leave, I will lose those benefits."
📌there was separation with my parents. The person is not matured. Codependent relationships. "My partner replaces my father (mother). It has all the qualities which I lacked from the parent", "I can't live without him (her), if the partner will leave me". It must be remembered the simple fact that he can only throw "child". Psychologically Mature person to throw is not possible. He was able to survive the loss, the loss and move on. He has this internal reference.
📌the Desire to manage and control, to alter. Most likely, you are in a relationship, play the role of parent.

If You resort to such measures as, "grandmother", magic love spells, etc., all this is definitely not love and not about love. This submission will partner control them, and the fear of losing something that gives You this person (relationship) (money, the emotional part, bearing, etc.)
What to do, You ask?
the Answer is simple!
to Work on yourself and your fears. This means, to take responsibility and understand that there is no magic pill.
what love?
Love is primarily giving and understanding that Your partner is a living person, and he is definitely different, different from You.
he has his own desires and needs. Your partner is definitely adult man, he's not helpless, he is not Your child. Love is also acceptance. But certainly not about the suffering, struggle, survival, competition.

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