Love is...

1. To love is not to interfere with you to grow.
Loving will not offer you a slice of cake if you're on a diet. It will not add sugar in your tea, if you have an increased blood sugar. And don't get a drink if you decided to live sober. As it does not require you to conform to his picture of the world: don't drink, if he decided not to drink, and to live as he wants.

2. To love is not to play "mind games".
Loving is not "to blame" you and manipulating you. He says: "it was not," if you saw clearly that, Yes, it was. He does not call you crazy if you refuse to agree with his lie.

3. To love is not to fight.
Loving not backed up his arguments with personal attacks. He does not hit "below the belt". Does not occur on your throat and lead you to death. He is looking for a solution and willing to compromise. He does not seek to win at any cost.

4. To love is not to be selfish.
Loving does not think that the world revolves around him. He takes and gives, not just takes, takes and takes. He may not always recognize, but at least he hears you're tired, sick, upset if dissatisfied. Loving able to empathize and sympathize. He washes lend a hand and lend a shoulder. Comfortable with him. Loving does whatever he wants, regardless of others. He respects your time and energy. He is able to share.

5. Love is not control.
One of the first signs of potential domestic violence is the desire of the partner to control every step of the way: who are you calling, where are you going, what are you looking at what you're doing. Loving does not. He checks your phone not looking at the speedometer, wondering where you were. He tells you that you have to think, wear or say. He tells you that you must feel.

6. To love is to respect.
Loving do not put labels on you and not humiliate in front of others. It does not destroy thee, nor shamed publicly. Loving respects your boundaries, respects your time, respects your ideas, respects your emotions, respects you.

Lyudmila Petrovna
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