!Questions of the relationship!

the question of the relations of concern to almost all people. But did you know that astrology helps to find the answers to these questions. Let's all in order. First, a few letters from my mail, in which, perhaps, you will learn and its a similar situation. (All names are fictional, the situations are real).

this woman already has a family, husband, children. But as they say, did not happen. She asks about another person, about his former love.

"We are endless we love each other, but life together does not add up, although there was a great desire on both sides. There is a love we have never experienced before in my life (even though we both people are attractive, sociable and had informed other partners). There was a desire to create a family, give birth to a child. Together very hard, and apart impossible. What is the error that we are trying to leave or trying to live together, if these attempts are doomed, by definition, and we can't be there. And most importantly: Will we be together can we be happy? What do I need to do?"

a letter from a lonely woman.

How will my personal life (marriage, children, spouse)? I have friends men, but as a serious relationship never happened. I fell in love with men who didn't love me. They were all with honors in education, quite successful in life. We dated for a while, but nothing serious happened.

I am 32 years old, want to get married, family. I have a favorite work, I'm a doctor. But at this time do not want to be alone.

And similar letters, I get a lot. This prompted me to write this article.

recourse to professional

All meetings sends us a destiny. Therefore, each of the met the man in life, be it boss, friend, brother, friend, lover, should be treated with understanding and attention.

Nothing happens for a reason. As for the choice of a partner, zodiac signs, there was no reason to focus on such forecasts, which are often printed in tabloids and cheap magazines. It's all too primitive.

the Meaning of astrology, the relations that recourse to a professional, we help you to understand what has developed in you, in your dead-end relationship, to find a way out of this situation.

the Main problem with many relationships is first a failure to understand what was found two. What problem you have to solve together, what drew you to each other. And then the inability to find an adequate solution.

We attract into your life those who are in need of at the moment, if we are willing to understand. We subconsciously perceive something in another person that can help us to solve the karmic problem. All relationships contain the possibility of personal growth, if you know that Providence tried to arrange a particular meeting.

to dance a beautiful waltz

to make the relationship strong, meaningful, and long-term effort to attach and the man and the woman. to dance a beautiful waltz, it takes two. No relationship can hold only for one of the partners.

to build a good relationship with your partner, you need time and patience, desire and persistence. If he and she have the necessary knowledge and is willing to make efforts, even the failed marriage can turn into a pleasant and happy.

!Each individual

Every person is a unique personality, each unique in its nature.

Astrology refers to personality. With her help, you can diagnose many of life's dead ends. It is desirable to do at an early phase. The sooner you contact your astrologer, the less you can mess things up, thereby to keep the family together, or to build and not to break off relations with the loved one and only.

We can deal with what we know and can not understand what do not know. The better we understand each other - personalities, habits, inclinations, the more we win.

do Not be afraid of the negative aspects in your map. The planet is just energy and how we use it, depends only on us. They say that "time heals all wounds". This is not always the case. It is no secret that many step on the same rake and repeatedly.

practical Example

I was approached by Olga, a minor, in my opinion, everyday problems. She had 2 dogs, budgerigars and 1 cat. And in connection with her marriage abroad and emigration, it is no one had to leave, and she was very worried for them. To take could not. The new husband is allergic to animals. This problem, we decided, I gave advice, the woman calmed down. But during the correspondence it became clear that Olga's will be the third marriage and now she's married not for love but to leave Russia from my problems away: unemployment, unsettled personal life, not realisation.

I looked at her horoscope and told her that from itself will not escape, even marrying a rich man and went to the other end of the earth! A month after her wedding get a letter. She writes, I was right. Himself announced that he had separated from her husband, went away to Washington and now without a penny in my pocket don't know where to start, how to be, where to go, where to find a job.

Here's the rake when you refuse to see the truth. When you do not want to know who I am, what potential we have as when it is wiser to use.

!We all pay for ignorance

We do not want hard to know and what are our partner, husband, children, love, love. Yes there partner, we know something bad. Well ask yourself the question, you ordered your horoscope to several astrologers? Because each astrologer's your opinion and everyone will see something new in your horoscope. Therefore, I recommend before. than to find your astrology, order horoscope multiple. So you can learn more about yourself.

In every relationship we are entering with different expectations. We expect reliability, love, wealth, loyalty. When these expectations are not met, we get upset, depressed, divorce. disagree, clash, leaving. Do everything to not step on a rake. And the result is that once again came. Only the situation is getting Tupikova. And emerge from the crisis more difficult.

You have to understand that development, the evolution of each person is the result of overcoming friction, disagreements. Criticism, argument, difference of opinion is the catalyst. Perfect relationships do not exist, they can exist only in your imagination. Harmony can exist in the presence of friction, so necessary for development, but you need to keep love and respect for each other.

What does your horoscope

the Aspects formed between two Natal maps that show the ways in which people learn from each other. Moving through life, we go through an endless learning experience. Sometimes we need to experience relationships that seem irreconcilable. But this is only at first glance. In fact, after some time, we understand that the acquired wealth of experience, these lessons were not lost, we learned something, going through pain, loss and disappointment.

Life is what we make of it. If, for example, turned away from you friends, this does not mean that you are not able to communicate with them. It will be another communication. Life is what you make of it, choose how you perceive this communication. You can cry, to grieve, to resent your friends, you can consider yourself a victim, and may think that nothing has changed in your relationship. You can stay alone and can make new friends, and be happy.

All this is happening according to your choice. Main issue here is choice. Your choice! Not the astrologer, mother, brother, girlfriend, aunts etc. do Not shift the responsibility on the shoulders of others. And this means that only you can decide what your life will be, you yourself do.

Simple test

you burned down the house, and with it all the property. Besides, you wife or husband. And left you all alone. But you have a choice. And even a few.

  • You go and shoot (rush, hang themselves, throw themselves under a train...)
  • You shoot the hat, and with an outstretched hand standing at the Church (in the subway, in transit...) begging and complaining to everyone you meet, what are you unhappy in the expectation that you regret it.
  • You roll up the sleeves, take the axe (hammer, shovel...) and start to cost a new house, but better and height and beauty.

now think about it, what's the ideal choice in this situation will you do? What choice you make in other situations, but like this?

Make your right choice

It's the same in relationships. Make the correct choice. When in doubt, contact professional astrologers.

But you know, the Astrologer never takes the final decision about whether to live your relationship. It is always the choice of those who participate in them. The astrologer can indicate strengths and weaknesses in your siastically the map to protect you from unnecessary expectations, and help you really look at yourself and your partner.

Love and be happy!

SIM, with love

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