In our world meet, and not infrequently, the wounded adults, which is not loved as a child. Rather, I loved, but didn't show it.

the Most lucid of them understand that many problems in life-related antoinelaurent and come to the psychologist.

What does the psychologist? To start helps the customer understand where it comes from, how it works and why it is so. Where parental influence, where decisions of the client, etc. How is it, in General. After the long-awaited moment when it's time to learn to love yourself.

And this is where many people wonder "How can I love yourself, I don't feel it, I did not teach". And it happens because many do not realize that love is not just a feeling. This ACTION! br>
As the child understands that you love him? As the parents give the child love? They perform some actions that are perceived by them and the child as manifestations of love. This may give rise to different feelings - tenderness, concern, sadness as empathy, happiness, etc. depending on the context. The very "love" wrapped in a wrapper, or embedded in the head, or pass some other ways - it is impossible. br>
Love is still work. br>
First this was written by Erich Fromm. A book that is called "the Art of loving". Highly recommend reading. After reading it becomes clear why any relationship is work, and in this case, means "working relationship."

So how do you learn to love yourself? For a start, to understand how personally you feel that love you? br>
- What specific actions in your direction must be made to understand is a manifestation of love?

- What do you want to?

- Can you arrange that yourself?

Only by understanding what to do to make you feel loved, you go to the implementation.

by the Way, love without respect is impossible. So don't forget to ask yourself: "I respect myself?". Respect - to recognize its importance. So how? br>
Always for you, Alena Lavrova,
counselor, SPb, Skype

Alena Lavrova
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